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Monday Media Transcript: LB Alec Ogletree

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/8/2018 9:04 pm
LB Alec Ogletree
October 8, 2018

Q: If he pushes forward by a few feet or not so what was your sense right after that play?
A: I thought we stopped him short, but obviously they called him for a first down and they just spiked the ball and kicked the field goal. You have to live with it and push on.

Q: What if they had called him short?
A: If they had called him short, he spiked the ball we wouldíve won the game.

Q: If he didnít spike the ball they wouldíve had to rush the field goal unit out on the field so that obviously makes it a little bit difficult.
A: It does.

Q: But that didnít happen.
A: No, it didnít happen.

Q: How aware are you of the division and what their records are?
A: I know everybody in our division lost yesterday. Obviously Redskins play tonight, but I did see that all the other teams did lose. We still got everything right in front of us where we want to go. Got a chance to turn our season around for sure, but we have to do it one week at a time. We got a division opponent this week, so just got to take care of business this week and move from there.

Q: For a team thatís 1-4 is it mentally a little more easing to know thereís no 5-0 or 4-1 teams in the division? Thereís nobody thatís three, four games ahead of you.
A: Itís not an ease in your mind. You know that you still have a chance to get to where you want to go, but we definitely would rather be 4-1 or 5-0 or whatever, but weíre not so we just have to take it day-by-day and get ready for this week and weíll try to go from there.

Q: With the kind of the game you played on Sunday, on Thursday night you think youíll win?
A: I hope so. I hope they wouldnít make a 63-yard field goal at the end or something like that. I thought we had good effort and everybody came to play and we fought all the way to the end. Like I said, we gave our team a chance to win. Dude just made a great kick and hopefully this week doesnít come down to that and hopefully we can go out there and do our job and get a win.

Q: The only other team that lost like that in history is the 1970 Lions against the Saints.
A: Yeah thatís an amazing kick for sure. I never seen anybody kick it like that.

Q: Iím sure even when they lined up to kick it you were like whatever.
A: I wasnít like whatever. I was hoping that we would block it or he shanked it. Obviously I knew he had a strong leg and they believed in him, but for him to nail it definitely was something, a sight to see.

Q: Not a happy sight to see, but a sight to see.
A: Itís kind of a bitter-sweet moment for sure. Like I said, just being a fan of the sport and seeing a guy kick a long field goal like that you definitely like to see that, but when itís against you then you donít like it.

Q: One thing about this league is you make your living on a 100-yard field, you kind of know where to keep him from going. When the other team is on your 45, I donít think you in your head think theyíre in field goal range. Is that correct?
A: It depends on which team youíre going against. The type of kicker that they have Ė the way he kicked that ball I felt like if he got anywhere close by the 50 he was going to make it, the way he kicked it. You definitely kind of have a sense of where teams like to get to for their field goal kicker to have a chance to make it. They said they felt good about where he was at and he made a good kick.

Q: What was your impression of the NFC East rivalries from a distance when you were watching them?
A: I knew it always been a big rivalry between all the teams in this division and for me coming into it new and fresh just kind of learning it, you definitely see why. The fans are great on all levels and they cheer for their team and itís just a tough division. They got a long tradition. I think every team in this division has won a Super Bowl, so itís definitely a top division for sure.

Q: Does it make it that much better in a sense coming off of such a difficult loss that youíve got a very key game in front of you against a divisional opponent at home?
A: We play each other twice a year. Itís something you look forward to, your division games, and those games are always tough and theyíre hard fought and thatís what you want. For us, just quick turnaround. We definitely have to get that taste out of our mouth from yesterday and play on Thursday. Hopefully to get a win this week on Thursday.

Q: I know itís still October, but is this about as must win as you can get this early in the year?
A: Every week is a must win. We donít take any week for granted. We want to win each and every week and this is the week that we have to play Philly and itís a must win for us just because itís this week. If it was down the road itíd be the same thing. Every week is a must win week for us.
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