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NFT: Unearthed "Lost" Empire Strikes Back documentary from 1980

Britt in VA : 10/10/2018 9:31 pm
Pretty awesome with I'm sure never before seen interviews and behind the scenes stuff if you like this sort of stuff.

Link - ( New Window )
This looks very cool, Britt, thanks!  
Moondawg : 10/11/2018 8:06 am : link
Just watched the first 5 minutes. One note on watching Kershner directing Billie Dee WIlliams as Lando: I thought that Donald glover was great casting for Lando and did fine. That said. GLover is pretty much a boy and Williams was a man. That's all.
Thanks for posting  
Eli Wilson : 10/11/2018 9:16 am : link
I'll be checking it out later.
Excellent, thanks!  
jpennyva : 10/11/2018 10:09 am : link
For anyone in the DC area, the Kennedy Center is showing Empire Strikes Back later this month with the National Symphony Orchestra performing the score in real time. My husband and I went to the program for A New Hope last month and it was amazing! I love the Star Wars score - John Williams is a genius. Return of the Jedi is scheduled for January.

I'm looking forward to checking out this documentary.
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