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Post-Game Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/12/2018 1:04 am
QB Eli Manning
Postgame vs. Eagles
October 11, 2018

Q:† What is your level of concern at 1-5?
A: Obviously not where we want to be. Iím not happy about it. I am frustrated like everyone. Obviously, all you can do is worry about the next game. That is the way football works. Watch this game, learn from it, see what we can do better, work on it and get ready to play next Monday night in Atlanta.

Q:† What did you see on that first drive when the pass was intercepted?
A: Yes, I thought I had a chance to put the pass right on him. He is my first read. I saw the linebacker getting some depth so I thought I could put it on him. Unfortunately, it gets tipped over the middle. If it gets knocked down, it gets knocked down. It got tipped to the side and intercepted. Unfortunate break.†

Q:† Was this another game where it looked like the defense was constantly trying to take Odell away deep?
A: Yes, they definitely had a plan to slow down Odell. A lot of teams do. We could still run our offense. We have guys that get open and make plays. We have to do a better job of executing our offense. That is what it is about. Trying to move the ball. We moved the ball decent at times and had some big plays in the run game, a screen to Saquon, who got the ball in the red zone, but we have to get the ball in the end zone. It was not great, but you canít get field goals right there. We have to find ways to get touchdowns.

Q: Where is your confidence level at right now?
A: My confidence in myself is good. I know I can play. I just have to figure out how to be more consistent and be better on offense.†

Q: You were under a lot of duress from their pass rush, how big of an issue was that?
A: We knew they were a good front four, that is what they are known for. They have good players on their front four. You have to move around some, buy some time and I was able to get out of the pocket a few times but I have to do a better job of making some plays in those situations. There was definitely some opportunities to make some plays in those situations and we just did not make them.

Q: How much does the record change the goals for the rest of the season?
A: Goals are still to win every game that we play. That is all that you can worry about. In the NFL, you take it one game at a time. There is no advantage in doing anything differently. That is all we can do. Just keep firing away and trying to give ourselves a chance to win the division. No one is running away with this thing. That is all we can worry about right now.

Q:† How do you prevent things from spiraling out of control like they did last year?
A: We have high character guys on this team and we have good players. We can make plays and we are going to compete and work hard. We have to make our own breaks. That is what it is all about. We are not getting the bounces right now but we have to find ways to play better football.

Q: Do you find yourself checking down more than you would like or is that by design?
A: I think we try and have some shots down the field and just taking what they were playing. Protecting and having some tight ends protecting and throwing it down the field. They played a lot of two zone. The route combination that we had going, try and get completions and get good down and distance. I think we took a couple of shots and didnít hit them. I had a go route to Odell down the left sideline that we missed. I took one to Cody that we converted on in the two-minute. Just took a couple of shots down field and had opportunities.†

Q: What were you thinking when you saw that Odell was not in the huddle in the last play of the first half?
A: Was not thinking much about it. Sometimes guys have to get things done before halftime to get prepared for the second half.†

Q: Despite the record, what has Saquon brought to this team?
A: He has made some great plays. He is one of our playmakers. If teams are going to play a lot of zone and two-high and taking away certain guys, it should leave opportunities to run the ball, get the ball in screens and different things. We just have to utilize all of our weapons. We have to get the ball to Shep and Odell and Saquon. Cody Latimer and whoever. We have weapons and we need to utilize them all.

Q: Are you shocked at all that it is 1-5 for the second-straight year?
A: Yes. I felt good about everything and still feel good about our squad and what we have. You lose a heartbreaker last week and tonight, we just did not play well enough. Every game has been tight with opportunities to win except this one. Every game we have had our opportunities; we just have to put it all together.

Q: You have heard a lot of cheers in this building and in the old one. Tonight you heard some boos. Is that justified or were you taken back by that reaction?
A: That is not something I get caught up in. We have to play better football, I understand that. We have to find ways to get in better situations and move the ball to be a more explosive offense and better team.

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