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Post-Game Transcript: LB Alec Ogletree

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/12/2018 8:39 am
LB Alec Ogletree
Postgame vs. Eagles
October 11, 2018

Q: What do you think went wrong on some of those red zone opportunities?
A: We just didnít stay in the coverage and we didnít do what we needed to do to make the play. When you donít do that, and youíre playing against a good team like that, theyíre going to find ways to make those plays.

Q: Is it difficult to plaster a quarterback like (Eagles QB) Carson Wentz when he scrambles out the pocket and tries to extend the play?
A: Yeah, it is. Heís a guy that you definitely have to plaster your coverage, because when he scrambles, heís not really looking to run, heís looking to throw the ball. We had a few plays tonight where he did that. He scrambled out and made some throws.

Q: What does the defense have to do to figure things out during this long week since you guys donít play again until next Monday night?
A: We just got to reflect on what happened these first five weeks, and come back ready to go the following week for Monday night. The season is not going to get any easier. We still got a chance, believe it or not. It comes down to every man in here looking at themselves, and just saying we got to do what we say we wanted to do, and we canít have any excuses about it.

Q: Is it hard for you guys to process the point where youíre at right now?
A: Itís not hard to process. Itís a part of football. Of course, everybody wants it to be weíre winning every single game, but thatís not the case for us right now. We got some things we need to fix. We got a little break here. I hope everybody goes and reflects on what we want to come back and be. We got an opportunity to do that. If we do that, weíll be fine.

Q: Do you think effort was a problem tonight?
A: I think our defensive effort was good. Granted, we didnít make the plays that we needed to make to stop them enough, but I donít question any manís effort out here. Iím proud of the guys that stayed and fought the whole way through, through the end.

Q: What will it take to salvage the rest of the season?
A: Every man just looking in the mirror, and doing the things they say they wanted to do. Weíve got to come together as a team, and play as one. We canít make mistakes all over the field, because it hurts us. We got a little break here. Hopefully, everybody goes and kind of takes their mind off a little bit, but also think about the things that we need to do to turn our season around.
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