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Post-Game Transcript: Safety Landon Collins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/12/2018 8:41 am
Safety Landon Collins
October 11, 2018
Postgame vs. Eagles

Q: You were so much closer last week. This must not have been what you expected.
A: No, I wasnít expecting this at all.

Q: How do you explain it?
A: Just not good ball. Not good ball at all. We didnít play our good ball in three phases of the game.

Q: Howíd you feel about the effort tonight?
A: I think the effort was good out there. I can only speak defensively, I feel the effort was good. We were flying around to the ball, just we got beat with our eyes. Whatever we see, we gotta just key in on and make plays on what we see.

Q: Landon, Coach has said several times that you guys are close, but the results are not necessarily showing that. What would you say to people to convince them that you are indeed close?
A: Just gotta figure it out, honestly. Weíre close. I mean weíre making the plays out here. Weíre finding what we need to do. Itís just, we gotta continue doing it on a consistent level.

Q: What did Philadelphia do on offense that they were able to put points on the board and how come you guys were unable to get consistent stops today?
A: They didnít do nothing that we wasnít ready for. It was our eyes. Our eyes beat us. When Carson scrambled back there, it gave them more opportunity for their guys to push down field and they got behind us and he threw it up for them. Itís our eyes.

Q: Is any of this starting to feel at all like last year?
A: Nah, nah. Honestly, we still have everybody healthy honestly. Last year we were getting beat. This year we were mostly in each and every game besides this one. You just gotta figure it out.

Q: Are you surprised that you are standing here talking about a fifth loss?
A: Surprised? I would say yeah. I would say so. We are looking at the fact that we have all the keys, so nah we just gotta put it all together and we know we can put it all together and put it in perspective, we just gotta do it.

Q: I know you guys donít want to compare it to last year, but your record is the same at this point as it was last year at 1-5. That canít sit well with you guys.
A: It doesnít sit well with us.

Q: What do you say to your teammates as a leader? What is your message to them?
A: Keep fighting. Honestly, our message is keep fighting. Keep playing, keep playing hard ball. Stick to the books and stay together. Thatís our message to our guys and that is what weíve done. We all came in here, gave each other a hug, gave each other a little talking and we gonna get this grind going some kind of way.

Q: They are the Super Bowl Champions. You are familiar with them. Did they show you how far away from them you are? You know this game was not close.
A: No.

Q: You donít think so?
A: No.
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