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Post-Game Transcript: LB Olivier Vernon

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/12/2018 8:42 am
LB Olivier Vernon
Postgame vs. Eagles
October 11, 2018

Q: How did it feel being back?
A: It felt great to be back. Just got to get my legs back. Was expecting a win. It didnít really go our way, but we just got to recover.

Q: Whatís the frustration level when you see what happened tonight, especially with the offense?
A: Itís a team game. We didnít do what we had to do on defense when it came to getting them off the field. We gave up a lot of big plays and letting them drive. They got in the red zone, and we gave up some touchdowns. Thatís on us.

Q: Did you think the effort was there defensively?
A: I think we were all playing our hearts out, out there. They made great plays. They made some good plays and they executed well. Thereís some things that we just got to fix. We just got to look at the film, and keep it moving forward.

Q: Given what was at stake out there, are you surprised at the product the team put out there?
A: Division game, rival game, Eagles are a great team. We sure didnít expect it to go this way. We just got to bounce back. We got to look at the film, and see what we can adjust, and get back to it.

Q: Is this starting to feel like last year?
A: Not at all. Last year was totally different. This is a whole new year. Itís totally different.

Q: Elaborate on how itís different.
A: I donít really think about what happened last year. This year is just coming together. We got a lot guys, a lot of different faces. We got to come together, and we just got to execute when we can.

Q: Do your goals change based on your record.
A: No, not at all. I know going out there, weíre going to play hard, play Giants football, and try to get a win. Thatís week-in and week-out.

Q: How do you feel about your play individually your first game back?
A: It wasnít good enough.

Q: Coach Shurmur says you guys are close. Do you feel as if you guys are close despite the results showing it?
A: Yeah, I think so, but weíre getting tired of being close enough. We just got to finish, but thatís on us. We got to finish. We got to go out there, execute, and do what we got to do. Coaches are going to have the game plan for us, and we just got to finish them. Thatís on us.

Q: What do you think has kept you from getting over that hump?
A: Just execution, when it counts, execution. Eagles, got to give credit to them. They made good plays on critical downs. We let them off the hook a lot of times, but theyíre a great football team. So, thatís on us.

Q: Does this open your eyes of how far you guys have to go?
A: The margin of error is so small. Thatís the only difference when it comes down to it. Thatís every football game. Itís just a margin of error. Whoís going to have more errors than the other. We just gave up some big plays that we shouldnít have, and thatís on us.
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