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New to Posting in the Corner Forum & How to Report Problems

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/12/2018 10:26 am
New to Feel free to introduce yourself here and ask any questions you may have.

We encourage new members to post and participate instead of just lurk. We ask our veteran members to help welcome new posters.

If you are new here, please read the "Welcome to The Corner Forum" thread below that will provide you with guidance on (1) how to sign up and login, (2) how to use the Forum, and (3) interacting with other members.
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Hey Boys!  
AlwaysASpiral : 10/5/2020 4:19 am : link
Hi Everyone,

Long time lurker, longer time GIANTS FAN, and really decided to post to ease the pain. ;-)

Our defense is playing ok, but man do we need help on offense, all over. I still trust in Daniel though.

Looking fwd to getting know this place,
Mean Street  
give66 : 10/7/2020 4:26 pm : link
When I hear that I think about the their radio commercials and the great times I had at Lamours in Brooklyn and Queens
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