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Tuesday Media Transcript: TE Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/16/2018 2:34 pm
TE Evan Engram
October 16, 2018
Q: How do you feel?
A: I feel really good. Today was a really good day. Went out there and made sure I got warm and stuff and was running around and going as fast as I can go and making all the cuts and doing everything I can do to block, so it felt good. Still got a lot of time, good amount of days until game time, so very probable and I feel really good about going into and the rest of this week.

Q: Did you get an opportunity to get away and reflect on whatís happened so far?
A: Definitely. I got to sleep in, got a lot of nap time. I was up here doing some treatment too, so just got a good moment to sit back and relax and Iíve been out for a couple of weeks so Iíve had a good amount of time to reflect. Just attacking treatment and kind of getting ready and getting my mind back right in game mode going into this week.

Q: Anything in particular for you personally that you said I got to do differently or better or anything like that going forward?
A: Just keeping morale up around here and keeping our energy going. Just finding ways to do more and be more, work harder, especially starting in our tight end room, just pushing our guys and finding ways to get better each and every day and finding ways to fix little mistakes that happen here and there starting in practice and carrying those things over to the game. Just full circle, just pushing my teammates and providing a good energy and coming out here and working hard and find things to get better at and personally just providing a spark coming back and trying to do my best to help our offense and this team.

Q: How does the offense score more points? Everybody keeps saying we need to score more points Ė
A: How do we score more points? Score more touchdowns. Finish drives, not get behind the sticks, little mistakes, make a big play and then come back and have a stupid penalty. Just little things and just little things that will help us finish drives. We just got to score more points, thatíll help.

Q: Going back to what you were saying to keeping morale up, I know you donít want to dwell too much on the past, so is that a hard balance because the record is what it is and itís not going away, but Ė
A: Itís not going away. It is what it is. The only thing thatís for sure is the next opportunity. We could lose a game, but we have a whole other week, whole other opportunity next week, so just keeping pride in the hard work, keeping pride and coming up here and attacking each and every day no matter what the circumstance is, so thatís not hard to do, thatís something thatís in your attitude and thatís something how you Ė your perspective on each and every day with the privilege we have playing football here.

Q: When you see the scores from this weekend and really throughout the season, you see the scoring up and the high scores and stuff. Do you kind of say, why arenít we in that group?
A: I watch football and definitely looks kind of easy out there for some teams, but theyíre executing. Theyíre doing their job, theyíre limiting mistakes, theyíre doing things that we got to attack and we got to get better at, so itís not a jealousy thing or why is it not us. Theyíre just doing things that we arenít doing so thatís something that we got to look in the mirror at at ourselves and attack each and every day and have it translate to when weíre in a game.

Q: Why werenít you able to play? You were optimistic last time we spoke to you before the Thursday game.
A: Just wasnít ready, just wasnít ready. That practice, just wasnít able to be myself and it was just a quick turnaround, kind of hurt not having a full week of practice to kind of fight through the soreness and recover and have another practice, but that quick week was kind of tough on us, so it just wasnít ready and I thought that game and having a nice break and a lot of days going into this Monday night will be more ideal.

Q: Did it feel significantly different today?
A: Yeah, felt really good. Felt a lot more confident on it and was able to kind of push through and not try to nurse it as much and try to just gain more confidence and I was able to do that today and excited about the rest of the week.

Q: You go from a short week to a long week so thatís Ė
A: Yeah, thatís more on my side, thatís more benefit to me definitely.
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