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Thursday Media Transcript: CB Janoris Jenkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/18/2018 1:34 pm
CB Janoris Jenkins
October 18, 2018

Q: Itís not over, you can do a lot of things in the remaining games.††
A: Itís a lot, thereís a lot still. Weíre not there, but right now we just have to take it one play at a time, one game at a time, one week at a time, and just continue to get better.††

Q: Do you believe that in your mind if you get one, if you get one W, you can build something?††
A: You get one, then they all come in, we all know how that goes. Youíve just got to keep working, like I said, but once that one comes, theyíre going to come.†

Q: Youíre going against a pretty good quarterback and a pretty good offense, so you have a lot to think about, donít you?
A: Yeah, itís just football at the end of the day. Winning your matchup, keeping your eyes on your man and doing your job is what itís all about.†

Q: Whatís one of the characteristics about Matt Ryan that makes him such a good QB?
A: Heís got a lot of weapons, the O line protects him pretty good, a lot of threats like I said, and he just controls the ball. Nice arm, and like I said, we just have to continue to come out and play football.††

Q: We were just talking to Coach Shurmur and he was very confident in the resolve of this locker room. Can you just talk about the way you guys are going to fight? Can you talk about what you see in here?
A: Itís all a family. We understand that we had some very tough games and we lost a few, but we also understand that adversity is going to hit, and itís all about how weíre going to respond. Everybody in the locker room knows weíre going to come out and work every day and continue to push.

Q: What makes Julio (Jones) such a tough cover?
A: Heís fast, heís physical, he can run every route, as we all know, great hands, and a quarterback that gives him the ball. We have to stay on point, lock in and play football.††
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