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Thursday Media Transcript: S Landon Collins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/18/2018 2:10 pm
S Landon Collins
October 18, 2018

Q: On playing Monday night against the Falcons.
A: Honestly, the guys, we all come in here and we got a good opportunity to play a game again and its Monday night so itís a good opportunity to play another Monday night game and just showcase that weíre still here. The guys are very positive about what weíre doing and excited.

Q: So how do you go out there and finish and get the W?
A: Exactly what you said, finish. Honestly, finishing every play using our eyes, playing our technique, playing our gap assignments correctly and making every play like itís our last.

Q: When you look at their offense and how capable they are of putting up big points, how do you go into this game as a defensive unit?
A: Playing sound, honestly. We play with our eyes, play with sound technique, watching what weíre supposed to be watching and keeping our eyes off the quarterback because theyíre a big play action team. We keep our eyes on what weíre supposed to be doing and where theyíre supposed to be at, weíll be alright.

Q: Bottom line do you still believe?
A: Yes of course I do.

Q: In what respect?
A: That we still can be one of those contenders.

Q: We keep hearing about finish, finish, finish. Why isnít it being finished? Is it lack of execution? Why is that?
A: Lack of execution I would say. Not finishing the plays that we know should be able to finish or making plays we know we can make.

Q: Coach Shurmur was talking about his confidence level in guys not giving up, youíre 1-5. The outside world thinks your season is over at 1-5. He was talking about the resolve that he feels his players in this locker room have that you are continuing to fight and thereís no Ė Iím asking you what are the things you see in this room from most of your guys that you feel confident about that?
A: You still see smiles in peopleís faces when they come up in here. Positive outlooks, nobody is saying the seasonís over, nobody said that since weíve been 1-5, no one has said that, and everybodyís just staying positive. We got the team, we got the guys, know what we can do and what weíre capable of so once we put one in the bucket I think weíre going to keep it going from there.

Q: How difficult is it when you go through stretches like this and lose some tough games to keep that attitude? Whatís the challenge with that?
A: The challenge is that itís hard. Definitely hard, but when you know you got guys that you play for, your brothers that you play for, guy on my left, guy on my right, you play for those guys each and every play. As long as weíre having a fun time, having a good time Iíll come in here with positive thoughts.

Q: How does it affect you guys to have 11 days between games? Does that help you or hurt you?
A: It helps. Body needs the rest. It helps a lot Iíll tell you that much. A lot of the guys needed that rest, a little break, but I would say it helps.

Q: Is there being an edge being thatĖ last game you guys played was the Thursday night game and now itís another primetime game. Just not wanting to have that sort of a result again losing by three touchdowns on primetime, having another opportunity to come out on national TV and show yourselves.
A: Whatís the question?

Q: Is there sort of an edge that itís back-to-back primetime games?
A: Is it an edge? No, I mean itís a good opportunity to play football. Honestly, we got the time to go out there and play ball so we can show that weíre not that team that got beat by three touchdowns and weíre not that team so thatís what we got to do.

Q: How close do you think you guys are on defense because it seems like each game thereís one or two of those breakdowns that kind of get you?
A: What do you mean how close?

Q: How close do you think you are to kind of putting that game together defensively?
A: Weíre right there. Like you said, itís like one play, two plays. Weíre right there, honestly. We just got to make those plays now.

Q: Iím sure you hear chatter and talk from fans who say Giants are better off losing and getting a higher draft pick. I know that doesnít sit well with NFL players, but how do you react when you hear that?
A: I ignore it. I donít even Ė thatís my first time hearing that comment, but it is what it is. Thatís how fans want to be. Fans are going to say what they Ė fans got a right to their opinion so thatís how they feel and thatís what they want to say, thatís what they want to say.

Q: How difficult is Atlantaís offense? What do you see when you see (Matt) Ryan and all those weapons?
A: Itís a big play action team, honestly. Theyíll hit you with the misdirections, fake runs and stuff like that. You got to play with great technique, great eyes. You do that, youíre better off.

Q: When you say your eyes, what do you mean by that?
A: Watching what youíre supposed to be watching, keys, your techniques, the receiver or the line of scrimmage or the pulls, the gap schemes, stuff like that.

Q: So stay on what youíre supposed to be doing.
A: Correct.

Q: Looking at the stats, you have Odell (Beckham Jr.) and Julio (Jones) and they have, itís like 89, 90 combined receptions and only one touchdown among them. When you get a certain reputation, do teams just say weíre not letting you beat us?
A: Yeah pretty much. When you got a reputation like that, when you got one of the best receivers in the game, yeah you got that reputation we are not letting this guy beat us and thatís how itís going to be. Thatís how people attack Odell, thatís how people attack Julio, thatís how people try to attack Antonio (Brown), Keenan (Allen), (Allen) Robinson, all the type of receiverís people try to take them out the game so we can have a better chance of winning.

Q: Whatís the missing ingredient right now for your defense to go from sometimes making the play to being dominant the way you were two years ago?
A: Make the play. Thatís the only difference.

Q: When you guys are correcting mistakes, are you guys making the same mistakes over and over again? Like you go to the next game Ė
A: No. Besides the RPO stuff, we corrected that and then from that point on itís been good.

Q: Donít have to worry about that too much with Julio Ė with Matt Ryan.
A: No not with Matt Ryan pulling anything like that. Not at all. They use 12 back there, but you could play Ė we know they ainít throwing the ball so you could just kind of play honest.
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