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Thursday Media Transcript: CB Grant Haley

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/18/2018 3:35 pm
CB Grant Haley
October 18, 2018

Q: On being added to active roster.
A: I kind of knew the Atlanta week was coming up. So, just added extra excitement. Iíve been working hard on practice squad. Just being able to have the opportunity to go out there and give my effort and give my all. Thatís all anybody can ask for.

Q: Was it hard transitioning to a practice squad? Itís a good step, but all your life you practice, and then play in a game.
A: I think it was an adjustment during the first week, but then I kind of looked at the situation and said, you get to go against (WR) Odell (Beckham Jr.), and (WR Sterling Shepard) Shep, and (WR) Cody (Latimer) every day. Iíve been taking advantage of that. You continue to grow your skillset. Once I did that, it started to just be normal. Iím glad I used that as a growing experience so I can be ready when my number is called.

Q: Home games, you were obviously at the stadium with the team. Away games, you watched the game on television. Is it strange watching your team on television?
A: Yeah, it was strange a little bit, but I was still watching the game, supporting them. You go to battle with these guys every day, so you just want to be able to support them in any way possible.

Q: What can you take away from your whole experience? From being undrafted, to making the practice squad, to now the active roster? What can you learn from all of this?
A: I think just be prepared. You never know when youíre opportunity is going to come. Weíre in Week 7, and my opportunity is now. Every single day, go in and take notes like youíre playing. Thatís the advice I was given. Thatís the advice I would give to other people. Just be ready for your opportunity, taking notes, stay focused, because you never know what can happen. It can happen on a Monday, it can happen on a Friday. So, just be ready and be prepared.

Q: Iím sure this means a lot for your family.
A: Itís definitely special. My mom, sheís excited, looking for tickets and stuff (laughter). Sheís been my biggest supporter. For a moment like this, itís special for her and everything that sheís been going through. Iím just in a blessed position. I canít be more thankful for the opportunity.

Q: How many tickets will you need?
A: I honestly havenít had a number set, but Iíll probably figure it out soon. Family-wise, probably close to ten. Everybody else, weíll see what happens (laughter).

Q: Your mom will be there?
A: Yes, she will definitely be there.

Q: You said your mother has been going through something. Has she had an illness?
A: Yeah, my mom has been battling liver disease called PSC for the last five or six years. She was able to be put on a donor list recently, because she had a heart procedure done in January. She had an open heart surgery. So now, sheís able to do her (liver) transplant. Weíve been working on that, finding different donors, having people tested and stuff. Itís been important to me to reach out and use my social media presence to help in any way possible. Sheís been my biggest supporter and fought for me through everything Iíve been through. For me as a son, itís only right to do that same.

Q: You think about making your NFL debut and potentially covering (Falcons WR) Julio Jones. Iím sure you grew up watching him?
A: Definitely grew up watching him. Heís a great player. (Falcons QB) Matt Ryan is a great player. He leads that offense pretty well. Itís going to be a great challenge, but I think our game plan and the plays that we have in this room, the mindset, being in the locker room, being in the team room, and the defensive room, the mindset is weíre fully focused on going 1-0 this week. Having the competition that weíre about to play, the caliber of receivers we are (playing), we know itís going to be a challenge. As a corner, you donít back down from those challenges. You got to step up when your number is called and do your job.

Q: Are you mostly a nickel corner?
A: Wherever coach wants to put me out there, Iíll go out there.
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