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Thursday Media Transcript: TE Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/18/2018 3:36 pm
TE Evan Engram
October 18, 2018

Q: Missed question.
A: Itís a great opportunity. Itís a great opportunity for myself. Iím looking to come back, looking to play this week and great opportunity for our team, Monday night primetime. Going back home against a good Atlanta Falcons team, itís exciting. Gives us a lot of motivation to work this week and itís just a great opportunity for this whole locker room.

Q: Were you frustrated in watching and not being able to help and you saw a lot of things go wrong with this team?
A: Definitely. It was just frustrating not to be out there to begin with, but seeing some of the struggles and seeing some of the things I know we could be better at, it was tough and it was tough not to be apart of it and just try to be just a helping hand or that piece to fix some of those mistakes or to make catches in the end zone or just make big plays in general, so it was definitely frustrating, but the whole team has grown from it. Iíve grown in my time off and Iím looking forward to getting back out there and try my best to help.

Q: Anything you canít do in your mind this week or you feel like youíre 100 percent?
A: I feel good, I feel really good. Thereís no limitations. Theyíre letting me loose at practice. Iím pushing through and Iím getting my confidence back in it and everythingís good right now, so definitely.

Q: Is this offense, in your mind, capable of competing with this Atlanta offense and playing in a shootout game?
A: Definitely. We showed flashes of it this year. We just got to put it all together and we know that their offense is really explosive. Theyíre a little injured on defense, so we can find some holes in there, but weíre just worried about us. Weíre worried about executing on ourselves and scoring ourselves and whatever the scoreboard says at the end of the game, weíll live with it.

Q: What would a win do, especially 1-5, a road win. What would that do for this team right now?
A: It would do a lot for us. Thatís the goal going in it, to win each game. Weíre 1-5, thatís what we are, but a win will be a testament of what this team could be and what weíre supposed to be and definitely just keep allowing us to give us some energy and keep pushing forward for the rest of the year.

Q: How far is your hometown away from Atlanta?
A: Probably like 25-30 minutes without traffic. Itís not far at all so I got a lot of people coming in. Itís a great opportunity, Iím really excited, itís going to be fun.

Q: Does that add more pressure because itís going home and playing in front of Ė
A: No, I donít really look at it like that. Iím really excited to play in front of all my friends and family. A lot of people are going to be there that have been with me growing up and my whole process in getting to this point, so just coming home and playing in the new beautiful stadium is crazy. Iím really excited. Itís going to be fun.

Q: Is the attitude of the team any different when the owner comes out and says heís disappointed with the 1-5 record?
A: That is what it is. Thatís the owner, heís pushing us. Heís going to be real with us and real with you guys, so itís something that we got to be better at at the end of the day and thatís what he expects most out of us and we got to deliver.

Q: Is that the message that is taken that he obviously cares. Is there any danger in creating too much pressure?
A: No. Weíre really chill here. Weíre transparent from the top down, so we just take it as it is, weíre working each and every day and weíre trying to get better and we got to deliver on Sunday.

Q: Possible that kind of intensity on his part helps?
A: Definitely. We push each other each and every day. When it comes from the owner like that, itís definitely Ė thatís a big one, so just got to look at the mirror and get to work and make everything happen when it counts.

Q: Why hasnít the offense worked? Especially in the passing game, why havenít the big play opportunities been there and scoring plays?
A: Itís an execution thing. We have the talent. We have everything else. We just got to execute at the end of the day.
Enemy defenses fear no-one, other than OBJ ...  
Manny in CA : 10/18/2018 4:14 pm : link

Except for the occasional dump-off to Barkley (sorry Sterling Shepard).

It will be good to see Engram out there. Ideally , I'd like to see the best receivers (OBJ & Engram), best tight end (Ellison) and running back (Barkley) on the field most of the game.

Has that even happened one time this year. I don't know.
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