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Friday Media Transcript: ST Coordinator Thomas McGaughey

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/19/2018 3:40 pm
Special Teams Coordinator Thomas McGaughey
October 19, 2018

Q: What is it like to have such a revolving door in the return game?
A: Thatís life in the big city. Itís just one of those deals, you just live it the way it is. You play cards, they deal them out, this is my hand, here we go (laughter)! Thatís the reality of it. You just got to make do with what you have, and just coach the hell out of them. You get them out there, you coach them up, you get them ready to play. Hopefully youíve done a good enough job during the week preparing for some success. Thatís coaching, thatís what we do, especially special teams coaches. I donít even think about it. Thatís just what we do. Itís part of our coaching DNA.

Q: (CB) Grant Haley was a return guy in college. Does he get in the mix?
A: We got a lot of guys that are in the mix. Each time a guy gets pulled up, they have some type of return value. Hopefully it can help at some point in time, but as a special teams coach, youíre always trying to develop the roster from the top-down, bottom-up. Guys that have long snapping skills, punt catching skills, kick catching skills, all of those different skills. Youíre always trying to develop them. A guy that has that type of ability, you just never know. You just never know what he can turn into. Grant is a young player, and weíll nurture those talents.

Q: Is there something on tape thatís a common factor week to week, or is just a matter of executing blocks?
A: I think itís just execution. A couple weeks ago, we had (WR) Odell (Beckham Jr.) back there, we had a 12-yard return, we had a 13-yard return. You saw some promise there, but itís just being consistent. Itís like anything else, you got to be consistent in your daily job. My job is to block #57, I got to make sure I block #57. If my job is to block #58, I got to make sure I block #58, but if you donít execute on your job, youíre going to have issues, and what weíre having is just execution issues. We got to do our job. Schematically, itís my job to put us in the best position to make plays. Iím going to try to keep it simple. Not trying to have 1,000 different returns. Just try to keep it simple, go right, left, middle, and see what happens.

Q: Whatís the balance in the return game when it comes to Odell in terms of doing too much and trying to make a play out of nothing?
A: Iíve been around that kid since he was 17 years old. He always wants to make a play, regardless of the situation in the game. We can be up by 30, doesnít matter. Heís going to want to make a play. Like I tell him, you just got to let the plays come to you, and if itís there, great. If itís not there, whatís happening? Weíre getting the ball back. Itís a punt return. So, the worst thing to happen is when you fair catch the ball, we get the ball right where it lies, go play football.

Q: On that play against Carolina in which the ball hit his foot on the punt return, was he [Odell] doing the right thing trying to block? Or, should he had gotten away from it?
A: Itís a time and a place for everything. That ball is in the air, you just got to have some field awareness, be smart, and make a good decision. Heís Odell Beckham, the best thing he can do is run away from the ball, because everybody is going to chase Odell Bechkam. Again, itís a learning experience. You get in those situations, you got to make sure you make the right decision.

Q: Getting back to the execution issue, do you feel as if guys are trying to do too much, and thatís why guys are missing assignments?
A: No, itís just the plain ole, flat out, that guy is in front of me, my job is to block that guy. It just comes down to basic making a play, executing the block, is my leverage correct, where are my eyes, where are my hands, are my knees bent. Just all of those little small details that go into actually physically making the block. The fundamentals, the techniques of it. Itís just executing the fundamentals and the techniques better.

Q: Do you see promise with (WR) Jawill Davis?
A: Absolutely, heís a young player. Heís getting better every week. He is definitely ascending. The arrow is up with that kid. He averaged 29 yards a return last time he was out there. The week before, it was 21. So each week, youíre seeing some progression with him. Heís getting more confident as a gunner. The kid is talented. Weíre just going to keep nurturing talent.

Q: Are you curious to see how (K) Aldrick Rosas reacts after his first miss?
A: Heíll be fine. He misses in practice sometimes. Itís no different, heís missed before. He knows heís not going to be perfect. Aldrick is fine, that was his first one of the year.

Q: Was he able to get a full swing on that?
A: He was able to get a full swing on it. He just didnít hit it good. He didnít hit the ball solid. Kind of hit underneath it a little bit. It spun 100,000 times. Aldrick is a good young kicker, and his arrow is definitely up. We look forward to him making some big plays for us later.

Q: Is his leg ready?
A: Yeah, heís fine. Heís full speed.

Q: Is (WR) Corey Coleman a guy you can work into your mix as a returner?
A: Absolutley, yes, just overall. Corey is a talented guy. Heís a former first-round draft pick. He has ability. Itís just up to him coming in and trying to find his way in the program, and see where he fits, and see where we can best utilize his skillset, and move forward and help this football team.

Q: What about (WR) Bennie Fowler?
A: Yeah, Bennie is talented. Thatís a big, strong, physical man that has ability and has made plays in this league. Him and (WR) Cody (Latimer) played together. When I watched the tape with Cody in the spring, I saw the other guy on the other side. Thatís a big man. Heís 6-2, 225 pounds, and he can run. Whenever you have that type of skillset, big speed is always preferred.
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