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NFT: Favorite horror film?

SFGFNCGiantsFan : 10/20/2018 10:04 am
Re-watched 'The Shining' this morning. What a great movie.

"Hello, Danny. Come and play with us. Come and play with us, Danny. Forever... and ever... and ever."-Grady daughters.

It's probably my favorite horror movie, followed closely by 'Halloween'.

What's yours?

Hard to answer  
UConn4523 : 10/20/2018 10:07 am : link
Cabin in the Woods is probably my favorite. Very original and creative with touches of comedy and sci-fi.
I started watching Hill House  
fivehead : 10/20/2018 10:07 am : link
last night on Netflix. It's pretty good.
Halloween is a masterpiece....  
Britt in VA : 10/20/2018 10:12 am : link
I have so many, but one of my all time favorites is Return of the Living Dead. Love the humor, campyness, and horror of that film. Dan O'bannon (writer of Alien) wrote a brilliant sceenplay and did a great job directing.
Alien was a flawless masterpiece  
Coach Red Beaulieu : 10/20/2018 10:13 am : link
The Thing was a little uneven but still GOAT, the tied up chair scene is one of the greatest scenes of all time.

Shining is great for its cinematography and acting, didn't care too much for the wtf storyline. Not sure anyone can give me a satisfactory answer what that movie was about.
mine is cult as cult gets  
jnoble : 10/20/2018 10:37 am : link
1977's The Car which predated Christine (and inspired King to write the novel) about a demonically possessed customized Lincoln terrorizing a small Utah town. Scared the hell out of me when I was watching on ABC's Late Nite Movie in the late '80s when I was 12. Now I'm like the movie's biggest fan and knower of all things about it's filming/cast/locations etc etc etc
Abbott & Costello  
Ben in Tampa : 10/20/2018 10:49 am : link
Meet Frankenstein

Watch is every Halloween with my wife
not really a favorite but the Omen scared  
gtt350 : 10/20/2018 10:57 am : link
the hell out of me
The Blair Witch Project  
jnoble : 10/20/2018 11:03 am : link
..was also really intense if you never saw it before and nobody spoiled it for you

I never walked out of a movie before like that with everyone in stunned silence
Monsters Inc  
Jimmy Googs : 10/20/2018 11:11 am : link
The Ring  
Chris in San Diego : 10/20/2018 11:13 am : link
Was pretty good..
You know that movie Young Frankenstein?  
Coach Red Beaulieu : 10/20/2018 11:26 am : link
Scared the hell out of me.
The Thing is the greatest horror movie of all time.  
732NYG : 10/20/2018 11:26 am : link
John Carpenter is a genius.
My Best Friend's Wedding...  
Ryan : 10/20/2018 11:27 am : link
Rosemary's Baby, The Exorcist, The Omenin  
Giants61 : 10/20/2018 11:34 am : link
that order
Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/20/2018 11:45 am : link
Not a big fan of gross horror films.

As a kid, the one that scared me the most was the first Halloween, but my favorite horror film is still the original Psycho (the remake is painful).
the strangers  
Rory : 10/20/2018 11:46 am : link
scared the hell out of me.

Blair witch 2 is a little bit underrated too. Loved how it kinda played off the whole public always unsure if it "was this a true story" theme.
Without question  
Jim Bur(n)t : 10/20/2018 11:47 am : link
This year's Dallas game.  
since1925 : 10/20/2018 11:54 am : link
RE: This year's Dallas game.  
eric2425ny : 10/20/2018 2:01 pm : link
In comment 14136552 since1925 said:

Lol, you win this thread. I think Monday night may be almost as scary.
chopperhatch : 10/20/2018 2:05 pm : link
To this day I have never had the balls to do the bathroom thing
Also Saw.  
chopperhatch : 10/20/2018 2:08 pm : link
Probably The Exorcist is my all time scariest. And given the year it came out and the lack of tech for scary effects, it was still pretty fucking scary.

I never thought Halloween was all that scary.
The Mist  
Hsilwek92 : 10/20/2018 2:22 pm : link
One of the most fucked up endings ever.
I'm no fan of horror films  
mavric : 10/20/2018 3:41 pm : link
but if I watch one, it has to have some humor in it. Only one I can even think of off the top of my head is "An American Werewolf in England" - scary, but funny.

A horror movie that I've watched that actually scared the shit out of me was "Pet Semetary". Most horror films are silly. A young girl walking through the deep woods when it's getting dark and stumbles upon a seemingly abandoned cabin. The door is unlocked so she walks in and sees a door that is paddle locked and can hear something moving on the other side. Every one in the audience is screaming, "get out of there now....". But she doesn't. She finds a way to pick the lock and dies a horrifying death screaming at the top of her lungs, but no one can hear her because she's so deep in the woods.

Or the guy who hides in the garage where a serial killer with a chainsaw is working on cutting up a corpse, but knocks something over that signals the killer he's not alone. Dude dies a horrifying death screaming at the top of his lungs, but no one can hear him over the sound of the chain saw running wide open...duhhh.

I think "Hocus Pocus" is a good family movie that isn't scary and kind of fun for the kids.

Give me comedy, thrillers, westerns, romance, even boring dramas...pretty much anything other than horror
Hate horror movies.  
section125 : 10/20/2018 3:45 pm : link
See little point in getting the shit scared out of me. But of the ones I have seem, Exorcist is my favorite and I only saw it once and that was when it came out.
DG_89 : 10/20/2018 3:51 pm : link
first Nightmare on Elm Street. Made me the horror fan I am today.
Not really a favorite  
TommytheElephant : 10/20/2018 4:04 pm : link
But most definitely a lasting and scary one is the 2017 and continuation of 2018 Giants seasons
The Babadook  
Adam G in Big D : 10/20/2018 11:11 pm : link
and A Serbian Film, although I've never actually seen it.
Not sure what my all time favorite is  
JerryNYG : 10/21/2018 8:37 am : link
I tend to like supernatural horror movies (I: ghosts, possessions, etc).

I did see the new Halloween the other night. It was a lot of fun.
Get Out  
RobCarpenter : 10/21/2018 9:02 am : link
Such a brilliant film
Besides Halloween, An American Werewolf In London  
barens : 10/22/2018 9:44 am : link
for me. Scared the living daylights out of me when I was younger.
The Shining is a top-5 film for me...  
x meadowlander : 10/22/2018 10:19 am : link
...not just my favorite horror movie, one of my favorite movies, period. Stands on it's own as a scary haunted hotel flick with epic performances, but digging deeper into the film reveals a multifaceted work of genius that affects the viewer in ways they don't even realize, there are themes throughout the movie that are not obvious at first notice.

This analysis is brilliant - I thoroughly enjoyed going through all of this guys work, he does an excellent job of revealing a multitude of hidden Kubrick secrets.

RE: Alien was a flawless masterpiece  
x meadowlander : 10/22/2018 10:21 am : link
In comment 14136465 Coach Red Beaulieu said:
The Thing was a little uneven but still GOAT, the tied up chair scene is one of the greatest scenes of all time.

Shining is great for its cinematography and acting, didn't care too much for the wtf storyline. Not sure anyone can give me a satisfactory answer what that movie was about.
The Thing with Kurt Russell made my oldest son - about 12 at the time, move in with his brothers for an entire summer. And yes, the tied up in chair scene is the one that really got him.

Absolutely fantastic film.
RE: The Babadook  
Joey in VA : 10/22/2018 10:30 am : link
In comment 14137123 Adam G in Big D said:
and A Serbian Film, although I've never actually seen it.
Please, I beg you don't watch the latter.

I really liked Train to Busan and BackCountry which isn't technically horror but it's eerie and isolating. If you want a really over the top campy funny one, check out Deathgasm, it's just a wild fun movie. Do NOT watch Cannibal Holocaust, it's grotesque. I liked RAW quite a bit, the Fourth Kind, It Follows, The Wailing and HUSH.

Favorite is a toss up, The Thing is a masterpiece along with Halloween and the Exorcist. Gun to my head I don't know which I choose, probably better acquaintances if my life is threatened by picking a movie.
Michael Jackson's Thriller video  
Drewcon40 : 10/22/2018 10:41 am : link
Man, looking back, the first scene when he turned into a zombie used to give me nightmares.

My Wedding Video  
Tom from LI : 10/22/2018 1:33 pm : link
absolutely terrifying...

RE: My Wedding Video  
EricJ : 10/22/2018 1:39 pm : link
In comment 14139114 Tom from LI said:
absolutely terrifying...

you invited my mother in law to your wedding?
RE: RE: My Wedding Video  
Tom from LI : 10/22/2018 1:51 pm : link
In comment 14139127 EricJ said:
In comment 14139114 Tom from LI said:


absolutely terrifying...

you invited my mother in law to your wedding?

Does she have that kind of reputation? I didn't recognize a lot of people at my wedding.. the ones I did recognized looked like they were there against their own will..

The Shining  
Beezer : 10/22/2018 2:01 pm : link

The Exorcist (fucked me up for a while when I was a kid) lol I still hate going into the attic!!!

Hostel: Scary because I guaran-fucking-tee you, that shit happens! I look at people differently. lol

The Woman in Black was creepy AF.

The Insidious movies have some "OH FUCK!" moments.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose had some disturbing scenes (especially if you're Catholic lol)

The Awakening wasn't bad at all.

Halloween was always my favorite  
pjcas18 : 10/22/2018 2:20 pm : link
the music, Michael Myers look, the small town neighborhood, all just made it perfect.

GMAN4LIFE : 10/22/2018 2:25 pm : link
to know that the boat you boarded for free, you fall in love with some broad, only to be accused of some bullshit, then to have survive this fucking rich boat, i have to save the broad and then after all that, she cant fucking make some space for me on that fucking wooden board that can fit two cars..

scary shit
Not really a horror film guy but, ....  
short lease : 10/22/2018 8:27 pm : link
put me down also for "Snow White".

When the witch hands her the apple ... oohh - the chills. I have goosebumps on my arms right now.
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