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Saturday Media Transcript: DL Coach Gary Emmanuel

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/20/2018 11:58 am
Defensive Line Coach Gary Emmanuel
October 20, 2018

Q: What have you seen from (DL) RJ McIntosh since heís started practicing again?
A: RJ is coming out. Just getting back in the swing of football. Heís been away for a little bit. Heís progressing, working on the fundamentals of the game. Working on the run game, working on the pass rush.

Q: How much was he able to do in the meeting rooms before he got on the field?
A: Heís always able to participate in the meetings. He just couldnít do anything out there on the field. Heís been in full participation in meetings.

Q: What have you seen from (LB) Olivier Vernon in terms of the spark he gave you last game? Do you expect for him to play despite dealing with some basic soreness?
A: Thatís something you have to ask him about whether heís 100% or not, but we expect for him to continue to develop and continue to play where he left off at.

Q: How much of a difference did he make for you guys playing that game versus when you didnít have him?
A: Anytime that you have a guy that has the career heís had, the attitude, the defense, it always makes a big difference.

Q: What are you getting out of (DL) Kerry Wynn?
A: Kerry is a guy who plays with a high-motor. He loves football. He gives you everything he has. He adds some athleticism to the group, and to the unit. He has some quickness, he has some pass rush ability. He just plays extremely hard.

Q: Do you like the way he works inside on the line?
A: Kerry does a good job inside in the pass rush. He does a good job outside in the pass rush. Heís a good football player. He adds something to the defense.

Q: What has (DL) Josh Mauro brought since heís been back?
A: Josh has a great understanding of the defense. Obviously, heís been in the program for four or five years out there in Arizona. He brings some great knowledge to it. Again, Josh is a guy that has a lot of passion. He plays very hard. Heís knowledgeable, he can play anywhere on the line of scrimmage, and on the outside. So, he adds a lot to the defense.

Q: Is (DT) B.J. Hill a better player than what you expected since heís gotten drafted?
A: Thatís a tough question to answer. We anticipated B.J. to be a very good football player. Thatís why we drafted him, but B.J. brings a lot to the table. Heís a very mature guy. He came in understanding football. He works hard, heís tough, and he loves the game. He prepares, he studies, he takes care of his body.
†Q: Are you careful to not overwork him? (Hill)
A: I wouldnít say itís a matter of overworking anybody. Everybody is eligible to play. Weíre not limiting his snaps. Weíre just basing it off of rotation and where the game is played out.

Q: What do you need to do to get a little more pass rush up front?
A: We just got to keep working. Keep working our technique. A lot of time the numbers say one thing, but the plan that weíre trying to do, when youíre playing against a mobile quarterback, youíre trying to keep them in the pocket. So, there might be different kind of rushes you give them. We just have to keep working on everything that weíre doing in the pass rushing game.

Q: (DT Damon Harrison Sr.) Snacks only plays about half of the defensive snaps. Is that because thatís all his body can handle at his size? Or is it because you need more of a pass rush?
A: Snacks plays, he does his role very well. Heís a good leader. Heís doing everything we ask him to do. Heís playing as much as weíre playing him, and doing a great job doing that. Heís in there to stop the run, and give us whatever pass rush he can. The numbers are not very important. We havenít been playing a whole bunch of snaps per game. Nobody plays the way that I have coached in my history at defensive line. We always rotate guys and try to keep them fresh. So, itís just a part of the rotation.

Q: How do you go about managing his snaps? Are you charting the numbers? Or, are you going by the feel of the game?
A: You always go by the feel, and based on what your eyes see. The guys will tell me if they need a blow. Theyíll let me know I need a blow, just give me a play or two here or there. So, itís more of a feel thing and where we are in the rotation.

Q: Do you have an idea of how much you want a guy playing?
A: You always have an idea. You want your best players to be as fresh as they can later in the game. Thatís why you rotate them early, because once you get tired, youíre pretty much tired. So, you just kind of rotate the guys and keep them fresh.
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