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Saturday Media Transcript: LB Olivier Vernon

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/20/2018 2:26 pm
LB Olivier Vernon
October 20, 2018

Q: How do you feel physically?
A: I feel pretty good. Football season, you can only feel as good as you try to make yourself feel.

Q: So the ribs was a minor thing?
A: Ribs? Who said ribs?

Q: They had you on the injury report whenever Monday was.
A: Iím just messing with yíall, Iím alright. Iíll be good.

Q: You obviously made somewhat of an impact in limited reps in the first game. How do you plan to build off that and are you kind of ready to be 100 percent in on Monday?
A: Iím just trying to go in, know what I have to do as far as assignment wise. Weíre playing a really good team and just do what I can for the most part.

Q: You had a sack and you disrupted. Did you feel like Ė were you happy with how you played in your first time back?
A: Not really because we didnít really win, so all of that kind of gets voided. Iíd rather have gotten the win. That probably means a lot more.

Q: But did you feel like, considering you missed so much time, wasnít that much rust?
A: Football is football. It donít really change. My thing was just trying to get a win.

Q: Theyíre really good in the red zone. What do you guys have to do in the red zone to make sure that theyíre not as efficient getting touchdowns?
A: We just got to stay solid. We got to stay solid and play our football. Stick to assignments, stick to just what we have to do to contain. They got really explosive players on the offense, great quarterback, so whatever we can do to contain and try to disrupt, thatís it.

Q: I know you didnít play the first five games, but it seems like the Giants pass rush overall has been getting hits or knockdowns or pressures but not sacks and I know that youíre talking about the difference there of a half second or a second. How do you erase that? How do you make sure that they go from pressures to sacks?
A: Just keep getting after it. At the end of the day, if pressures equal a turnover, thatís still as good as somebody getting a sack, so guys are getting it, theyíre fighting, trying to win their one-on-ones, theyíre getting back in the backfield trying to disrupt the quarterback. If theyíre putting the pressure on and weíre putting the pressure on the quarterback, as a defense as a unit, everything else is going to fall into place.

Q: Why do you think you guys havenít produced as many turnovers as you wouldíve liked?
A: Sometimes thatís just how it is. Thatís just something you got to keep working at and itís going to come. Itís going to come eventually, but canít wait for it. You got to go take it.

Q: Does the team get a lift when youíre in there? Not to put too much on your shoulders, but do you feel like it picks everybody else up when youíre in there?
A: I have no idea. I just know when everybodyís out there when theyíre playing that defense, theyíre all playing for each other and they getting after it. Everybody out there trying to get the W. Donít matter whoís in the game, whoís not. Thatís just the type of guys we have in this locker room. Itís not predicated off of one person, itís everybody.

Q: A few guys said though you being back kind of brings kind of a normalcy factor where it kind of puts guys back in their natural roles. Do you see that?
A: Yeah, you got more guys Ė when it comes down to it and guys are not able to be out there, it does put much more responsibility for other guys. A lot more things to put on somebody elseís plate and the more guys we get to have back, the more easier it gets to distribute the workload.

Q: Do you feel a sense of urgency considering you missed games and your record is where it is to kind of turn this around?
A: My thing is just getting out there and making sure Iím doing all the right things. Sense of urgency is Ė when somebody says that, like I donít know how to respond to that because every time we take the field on Sundays weíre trying to get a win. Itís not like weíre coming in lackadaisical trying to letís maybe win. No, thatís not our mindset. Our mindset every Sunday, Monday, Thursday is trying to get a win, so I donít know what the sense of urgency is. I just know we just trying to go out there and get a win, no matter what it is.

Q: How is your ankle? Is it at 100 percent or will it ever be 100 percent this season at all?
A: Iíll be fine.

Q: Do you feel ready to go a full 60 and be yourself?
A: Whatever Iím allowed to do, Iím there to help and contribute. Thatís it.

Q: But do you feel like physically yourself?
A: Iím out there, so once youíre out there, you suit up, donít matter what it is, youíre out there. I feel like Iím just ready to play. Thatís it.
Lowest character Giant ever..........  
Dry Lightning : 10/20/2018 2:50 pm : link
Just worthless. In EVERY way. Worthless.
RE: Lowest character Giant ever..........  
lionbull : 10/20/2018 3:05 pm : link
In comment 14136721 Dry Lightning said:
Just worthless. In EVERY way. Worthless.

This comment is worthless...One of the best players we have on the team...Some of us don't care if he kneels during the national anthem...Some of us don't care that he's not a ra ra guy...Just as long as he stays HEALTHY and PRODUCES...This comment is WORTHLESS...GO BIG BLUE!!!
we paid Vernon big bucks  
mdc1 : 10/20/2018 4:12 pm : link
where are the results? Hurt or not we need to see that now. Look at the record.
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