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Wednesday Media Transcript: LB Alec Ogletree

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/24/2018 8:41 pm
NYG Transcriptions:†LB Alec Ogletree -- October 24, 2018†

Q: Whatís the vibe when the team trades away two starters?†
A: Itís part of the business. You hate to see guys leave that youíve grown to start playing with and get to know, itís a tough situation, but thatís the league that weíre in. things like this happen all the time, but you definitely wish those guys were still here.†

Q: Doesnít necessarily happen like this all the time where the team trades them in two days in the middle of the season, is that a little more jarring? Youíre used to injuries and things like that, but to have it happen like thi,s to basically have the organization say were staring to look forward to next year? How does that sit in the locker room?†
A: Guys that are here, we have to focus on this year. We canít worry about next year, we have to do what we can while weíre here. For the guys that did leave, Snacks (Damon Harrison) and Eli (Apple), we definitely wish them the best. Itís tough being in a situation where guys in your locker room, basically youíve grown to know and been able to become good friends and stuff like that, but like I said, itís a business and sometimes itís not always pretty.†

Q: Have you got the chance to talk to those guys since theyíve been (traded)?†
A: I havenít had a chance to talk to them yet, but definitely will look to reach out to them.†

Q: In a situation like this, what do you do with the young fellas to keep their spirits up?
A: For me, Iíve been (in the league) six years now, so I have seen how certain situations like this go, but for the young guys, itís surprising to them and itís surprising to a lot of people, to all of us, but you just tell them youíve got to keep working. Youíve got a job to do, we still got a whole season to play, so we have to turn our attention to the Redskins this week and focus on that, and let what happens upstairs stay upstairs, and work on us down here.†

Q: How hard is that to focus on this week when all the moves are going on around you guys?
A: Itís not hard at all. Thatís our job, thatís what weíre paid to do, thatís why weíre here, to play football. We have to keep it at that for the most part and let the business work itself out.†

Q: Is there any sense of guys looking over their shoulder trying to figure out who might be next with the trade deadline not until next week?†
A: Like I said, itís a business. Anything could happen at any moment. Our job is to come out here and focus and do what you can while youíre here. Like I said, you never know when your last snap for this team could be. Like I said, our main job is to come here and give it everything we got for the man next to us thatís here.†

Q: Is that something as a group that needs to be said in here, the captains get together to deliver that message? Or is it a message thatís understood?
A: Itís a little bit of both. Itís a message that is understood, and for the guys that have been around and know how it goes, of course, we know we still got a job to do, we still have to take care of our business here and do what we can here. But like I said, for the young guys, you kind of have to tell them that itís just what happens, thereís things that go on in the league, like I said, itís not always going to be pretty but you got a job to do, and we need you here focused on this week and get ready to play this season.††

Q: Adrian Peterson is super-human, the way heís been doing it. When you look at the tape, what do you see and does it surprise you that heís been able to get it done?†
A: No, heís a guy that hopefully has a golden jacket on his back one day. Heís determined to prove everybody wrong, that he still can play and heís shown that on film that he still has it. If you donít come to play, he will embarrass you out there.††

Q: How are you feeling physically?†
A: Iím fine. Just getting ready for this weekend and see how it goes.†

Q: Youíre on the injury report with a hamstring injury. Is that something that happened in the game on Monday?
A: Yeah (laughter). I hope it didnít happen yesterday. Thatís what they put on there. So, like I said, weíre going to work through it this week and see how it goes.† †

Q: About Peterson, does it surprise you, the way heís had this resurgence with the Redskins?†
A: No. Iíve only known him from afar, but I can tell he works hard. He works hard to play this game, itís a tough game. For him, he has a chip on his shoulder to prove everybody wrong that said he couldnít do it anymore, and heís doing it so far for them. We got a tough challenge this week, and we just have to play our best.†
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