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Thursday Media Transcript: DC James Bettcher

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/25/2018 12:58 pm
NYG Transcriptions:†Defensive Coordinator James Bettcher -- October 25, 2018†

Opening Remarks: Iíll start because I know everyone wants to ask about the trades and things that have gone on in the last 48 hours-ish. Those are organizational decisions, and personally, I came here to be a New York Football Giant and this is a special organization, itís a special place to work, and itís a special place to play football. Trades happen in-season, they happen in the offseason, they happen various times throughout the course of the year, and under no circumstances any of our players or any of our coaches are ever going to run from anything. Weíre going to keep running to it, our guys are going to keep playing hard. I think Coach Shurmur said it the best, that if anyone is talking about us tanking on defense, thatís just a disrespect to everyone thatís working the process, thatís on the field practicing, thatís in the room watching tape and getting ready. I love that we have vets in our locker room. I love that we have guys of high character on our defense that no matter what the challenge is Ė whether the challenge is 1-6 and finding a way to get a win, or if this team were a five-win team and we were trying to not be complacent. I think thereís high character in the room and thatís important. Certainly wish Eli (Apple) and Snacks (Damon Harrison) the best, those guys worked hard for me as a coordinator and I want to say that, and I greatly appreciate their work here and I wish them the best with their careers moving forward. But the guys that are up next, (I) learned this message from a wise coach I worked for, and he said the next man up, letís go. Itís opportunity and itís an opportunity for those guys to get exposure and get a chance to play, and play more snaps. It might mean five more snaps for one guy, it might mean 20 more snaps for another guy, it might mean a starting role for a couple guys. But thereís no hesitation in my mind, thereís no concern about those kinds of moves when all I know is everything that weíre trying to do is in the best interest of the Giants and the best interest of us today as we sit here coming out of walk-thru trying to find a way to get a win this week versus a really good opponent. Thatís all Iíll really say on the trade stuff.†

This offense, the running back (Adrian Peterson) that will wear a gold jacket someday Ė (I) had an opportunity to work with him in Arizona when he was with us for a short time. Great pro, I remember he had just gotten with us and he comes over to me and he goes, ĎCoach Bettch, do you care if I get some scout team running back reps against you guys?í I looked at him and went, ĎWhat are you talking about, Adrian?í He goes, ĎNo, no, I just want to get a few extra carries in practice, a little extra work.í That will always stick with me, a guy that you would think doesnít feel like he needs more, a guy that works, and a guy that runs downhill. Heís going to try to make you miss in tight area, but at the same time heíll put his pads down. Got a lot of respect for his game, and weíre going to have to gang tackle him, weíve got to finish the down unblocked. Then after that, the RPOís, the boots, some of those kind of things that they give you in the pass game, a quarterback that is a scrambler and will try to buy some time with his feet, and tuck it and run in some critical situations. Theyíre getting a little bit healthier at receiver, it sounds like, so I think itís going to be a great test, and our guys had a great meeting when we came in a day ago, and then had a really good practice yesterday, walk-thru work, are locked in, are focused. I donít see this group flinching one bit.†

Q: Trades are made for a lot of reasons, but obviously you have to feel pretty good about somebody like Dalvin Tomlinson to move on from Snacks. What have you seen from Tomlinson so far that makes you feel good about him moving forward?†
A: The thing with Dalvin is, heís an extremely heavy-handed striker, a guy that can punch and separate, a guy that has the ability to displace blockers, and heís going to get his great fair share of snaps; but the truth is, thereís going to be a great rotation in that room. I think weíve kind of done that to this point. Snacks had played similar, around 50% of the snaps to this point. You might ask me why, and at the end of the day, you have to have a great rotation in the (defensive) line room. This is a long season, we played a span of where there was three games in a matter of a pretty quick turnaround, but at the end of the day, if youíre going to be good in your front, you have to have a rotation with some of those core guys. Dalvin will be a huge part of that rotation, as he has been, and some other guys in the room are going to get some shots.†

Q: Pat (Shurmur) said heís more of a natural nose guard anyway. Do you agree with that?†
A: I would agree with that, yeah.†

Q: Who takes his spot as the starting end? (Josh) Mauro? Kerry (Wynn)?††
A: Mauro, Kerry, Mario (Edwards) Ė all those guys are going to get snaps. Youíre going to see them all up there. We just got to the point in (Arizona), we had a nose and we were right and left with our defensive linemen. I think as much motion and shifting and some of that stuff you get in the NFL right now, thatís really the direction you want to be, is have a guy that can play right and a guy that play left.† ††

Q: What do you see with your guys in terms of defending crossing routes?†
A: I donít think there is one particular route that weíve struggled with more than another. I think thereís been times weíve covered things really well, and as we can all see on the tapes, thereís times we have either been out of position from a leverage standpoint or I need to give them a better call. Weíre all accountable to that and as we have stood up here and talked before, the thing about this group of guys is we will play hard and lights-out for some snaps in a row, and I was really proud of most of the snaps that we played in Atlanta, I really am. But thereís enough snaps that we need to play better, and I need to call better, and we need to continue to close those small gaps, whether itís maintaining leverage in terms of some of the routes youíre talking about, or itís playing with better vision and better eyes in some of those situations.†

Q: Does Dalvin bring anything different than Snacks in that position, and generally what attributes are you looking for in a guy who plays that spot?†
A: A guy that has power that can knock the point back, that can hold the point of your defense inside such a middle of the defense spot. I think what you find is the better you are at some positions, the more people try to Ė I donít want to use the word expose Ė attack you in different ways. When you have a guy like Dalvin or even a guy like Snacks in the middle, you might get more perimeter runs, some runs that are going sideways to the sideline and stretched, and maybe downhill stuff, and I think Dalvin is going to do a great job in there and Iím excited to watch him play inside and continue to get better. The great thing about him, he still has a lot of football ahead of him in his career and he has a lot of room to grow and become a better player. I love his work ethic. I like how he works in individuals. When youíre here and watching individuals, just watch how well he works. Heís a pro, heís working on getting better, and heís very conscious of the things he needs to get better at.† ††

Q: Grant Haley is one of those guys youíre talking about getting more snaps. More of a slot guy, outside? How do you plan on using him?
A: Him and Sean Chandler will both get some snaps inside and I think youíll also see him probably lined outside a little bit at corner with B.W. (Webb) maybe in the slot a little bit, like he has played. Youíre going to see a little mixture of that, but Sean is also going to be in the mix with some of those snaps.†

ugh "heavy handed striker"  
Dinger : 10/25/2018 1:42 pm : link
Strike 1.....
Is it me or do we have Buzz from Home Alone  
Jints in Carolina : 10/25/2018 2:10 pm : link
as our defensive coordinator.
RE: ugh  
Rjanyg : 10/25/2018 2:28 pm : link
In comment 14148979 Dinger said:
Strike 1.....

Lol. Thought the same thing!
I feel sorry for Bettcher  
jcn56 : 10/25/2018 2:44 pm : link
I think he's a good coordinator, based on his work in Arizona, and he's in a no win situation. I hope this stop doesn't wreck his career.
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