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Thursday Media Transcript: WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/25/2018 4:10 pm
NYG Transcriptions:†WR Odell Beckham Jr. -- October 25, 2018†

Q: What do you think of the moves that have taken place, the trades this week?†
A: Itís really not my job. This is a multi-million, billion dollar industry, and at the end of the day it is a business so itís really out of my control. Those guys were family, Snacks (Damon Harrison) was like a brother to me, he came and visited me in the hospital. Weíll forever be lifelong friends, brothers, and Iím wishing him and Eli (Apple) the best in their careers, but it is a business. Itís tough, thatís the toughest part about this. You get close with people and things like this could happen at any point. Itís just the reality of our sport.††

Q: Is there a feeling in this locker room of ďwhoís nextĒ?
A: I donít know if thatís the feeling going on in this locker room, I donít know if thatís one that you should have as much as worrying about who we are playing on Sunday. Weíre promised 16 games this year, we have nine more left, weíve got to make the most of them.††

Q: Does it send a message that maybe this team is looking ahead to next year already?† †
A: I donít know what any of that does, or message it sends, but like I said, itís a very hard business. All we can do is focus on who we play this week really, as much as you think about it and every time I walk down there, itís like my guy used to be right there. But itís business. Thatís all I can say.† † †

Q: When you were rehabbing and getting ready for the season, thinking about having a chance to play with the Giants again did you ever expect something like this this year, and how frustrating is it?††
A: No, I definitely wanted to do better. I wonít say I worked the hardest I ever worked, but I worked probably one of the hardest I ever worked this offseason Ė not only to get back, but to come back better than I was. This obviously is not where we want to be but this is where weíre at, and like I said, weíve got nine more games to do something about that. Thatís really all I can say about it.†

Q: If you had an idea that these kind of moves might be made, would that have affected your decision to re-sign?
A: I donít really know. Itís not really re-sign, I signed something. I could have been here another three years. Itís hard to think about that right now, and itís really irrelevant to think about that now because Iím here and I will be here.

Q: So thereís no second guess in your mind?†
A: No. I just wish we had a better record than what we have.†

Q: Obviously youíre not where you want to be this season. How do you set goals for yourself week by week?†
A: Just working on the little things. Just the small details, really, and you just keep going, you keep pushing, and just donít quit. I donít really know how to quit, so as long as Iím here, Iím always going to care, Iím always going to play football the way I play football. Having it stripped from me, and so many things previously to that, I fell back in love with football and fell back in love with the process. Yeah, sometimes the process is like this, itís ugly. But there will be better days. Like I said, we just got an opportunity to come out the last nine games and make whatever of it. This division isnít doing so hot anyways, so you never know what can happen, just do our jobs, and get some wins.†

Q: Did you feel that Monday night game came back more than any of the previous games, in terms of where you had been?†
A: They werenít playing really doubling and having a safety over the top, they kind of stuck to their defense and we had some plays drawn up for that and we were able to take advantage of it, we just didnít have enough plays to win the game.†

Q: You personally, I meant. You had some plays where you just kept your feet in bounds in the sideline and the end zone on that last one Ė it seemed like you were back to who you were?
A: I felt like that since I reported to camp. I felt in one of the best shapes of my life, some of the best form of my life. Just now when I have the opportunity, Iíve got to take advantage of them and do the most with them. Thereís still plays I look at in the game, and thatís how Iíve always been. Iíve always said, ĎMan, I wish I couldíve did thisí. I remember games in college when I had some of my best games and 400 all-purpose yards and four touchdowns, and I still look back at that one play that I wish I couldíve had. Iím always like that, but like I said, I felt like Iíve been in some of my best form, my best shape, just about getting the opportunity to do that and when you do get the opportunity, to take advantage of it.†

Q: Whatís the pulse of the locker room right now in your opinion?
A: Iíd probably have some music going on right now if you werenít in here. It doesnít feel dead. It sucks to have this record, but itís just another game we lost by three points, another game where weíre close. I hate even saying that, because itís not something Iím proud or accepting of, but itís not like weíre getting beat by 20-30 points. Every game is close, itís just about those little things that do matter. Itís a game of inches, whatever you want to call it, all that stuff matters and we just havenít done enough to have those things go our way.†

Q: How do you view the state of the team overall at 1-6, and you just traded two defensive starters? How do you as a leader or key player on the team view the overall state of where youíre at?
A: Itís tough, but thereís other guys in this locker room who now have the opportunity to go out and do what they love and have the opportunity to make plays for this team. They have to do that and they have to step up. Like I said earlier, itís a business. As hard as it is waking up and seeing some of those things, itís the business side of all this, so all we can do is keep going, keep playing with who we have in here and thatís really all we can do.

Q: Do you see where their big picture plan is or is it hard for you to even know where thatís headed?
A: I have no idea. Iím down here, theyíre up there. I just have to do the best I can, make the plays I can make, and just do better.†
I understand the job and the nature  
jvm52106 : 10/25/2018 4:28 pm : link
of it, but, how many times can you ask a guy a question where you clearly are TRYING to generate a negative response? It isn't like they are taking his answer and looking to open that up further, they literally go back to the question and start again hoping to get a different (negative) response.

For all the crap I have given OBJ about his antics etc., he handled those questions very well.
It's one of the few industries...  
Ryan : 10/25/2018 5:19 pm : link
...where you have a built-in excuse to completely suck at your job.
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