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Thursday Media Transcript: ST Coordinator Thomas McGaughey

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/25/2018 4:12 pm
NYG Transcriptions:†Special Teams Coordinator Thomas McGaughey -- October 25, 2018†

Q: What did you like about Quadree Henderson as a returner? What did he show you?†
A: Same thing he showed in college, production. Heís a sure-handed guy, does a good job of catching the ball. Heís a good young player that has a lot of potential as a returner.† †

Q: Have you ever had anything like this? Seems like a new guy, every week you have a totally new unit.†
A: Welcome to the big leagues. Itís just part of the job, especially when you get in a situation like we are, trying to see who can do what and trying to find the right mixture to the T and see how it takes.†

Q: Henderson earned himself more opportunities I would assume?† ††
A: Absolutely. He did a good job. He did what he does, he did the same thing in college and played with a lot of confidence. Heís a confident kid, so Iím happy for him.†

Q: Does the unit and the returner play off of each other much? In other words, is there maybe more confidence if they know they have a guy whoís sure-handed or has that explosiveness?† †
A: Absolutely. When you know you have a guy back there who has the potential to take it to the house, it just makes you play a little bit harder. They go hand in hand, and vice versa, itís hard to create momentum when youíre not seeing anything, but when you see a guy that has the quickness and the burst that Quadree has and we know he has the ability to hit itm itís like look, youíve got to stay on your blocks just a little bit longer, youíve got to play just a little bit harder and hopefully things will work out right.††

Q: It seems like you came close to blocking some of those field goals. Is that something thatís game-specific?
A: Thatís something weíve been doing all year. Weíve been close a lot all year, and itís just each week getting a little bit closer. Itís what I talk to the guys about, just playing hard. Weíve just got to play harder, longer, and if you do that, if you play harder longer, then you make the plays. We had one return where if we stay on them just a little longer, he doesnít run down Quadree from behind and we get a touchdown. You never know.†

Q: Do you feel as though all the special teams units are starting to settle down a little bit?†
A: Weíre starting to Ė the punt return game is something thatís been our Achilles heel all year, I think we found a little mixture there, so weíre just going to try to keep getting better, keep ascending, and see where it takes us. Kickoff return, weíre still a block here away, a block there away, just leverage, angles, fundamental things. Having new guys in different spots, just trying to have some continuity. Then once you start to get that continuity, itís no different than playing on that offensive line or defensive line, quarterback, wide receivers, they know where the guyís going to be, they know how to play off each other. Special teams is the same exact way, itís just developing that chemistry and trying to find the right fit.††

Q: How difficult is that at the end of the game, the little pooch, scoop and score? Thatís got to work probably hardly ever, right?†
A: Regardless of if itís down the field or at the line of scrimmage, itís a 10 percent play. Thought process was getting the ball down the field and trying to recover it, try to kick a field goal. Didnít work out. Itís like hitting the lottery, itís just one of those plays where itís difficult to execute because itís not a play that you work on, like punt. Itís something that weíll hit maybe a couple times a week. The kicker will work on it, but itís just the execution of it and being able to make the right kick and hit it at the right time, ball has to take a funny hop back towards you, so it is what it is.†

Q: Whatís the percentage of a more traditional onside kick?†
A: Ten percent. Itís just a 10 percent play. That one probably may be a little bit higher percentage because itís more down the field, but any regular onside kick is normally about a 10 percent play.†

Quadree is an exciting player ...  
Manny in CA : 10/25/2018 8:06 pm : link

I do remember the kick-off where he's waiting for the "fence" to develop and he gets caught from behind because someone on the far side whiffed a block, otherwise - It's aTD.
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