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Thursday Media Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/25/2018 4:17 pm
Head Coach Pat Shurmur -- October 25, 2018

Q: What do you like about Tony Lippett?
A: Tony, I know a lot about him. actually. When he came out of Michigan State, he played receiver and corner, hes got excellent ball skills, he played corner in Miami. As you know, he had an Achilles injury that hes coming back from. I think hes back, but were going to get a chance to get a good look at him.

Q: On having taken a look at him before but not signing him:
A: Yeah, we looked at him awhile back to see where he was at. He had a little bit of time left in his recovery, so he sort of has been on our radar and we had the opportunity to bring him in, so we did.

Q: How would you describe the plan with Corey Coleman now that hes up?
A: Were going to try to get him up to speed. First, obviously, hell help on special teams, then try to get him in on our offensive sets as well.

Q: You have seven receivers on your 53-man roster. Is that something you could go forward with?
A: We got a couple that are coming back from injury, so we just have to see. Its good if you have four or five up each week, so well see where its at.

Q: Eli (Mannings) numbers are representative for his entire career in terms of completion percentage and things like that. Saquon (Barkley), I think, is fourth in the league in rushing, Odell (Beckham) is fourth in receiving yards. The numbers look good.
A: Yeah, we didnt score. Weve said that, and I know Ive said that all along. We had five trips into the red zone, and we got two touchdowns. If you convert those five trips into the red zone times seven, thats 35 points. That solves your point problem if were better at the end of the drive. I think thats pretty obvious. Weve got talented enough players to move the ball, whether we choose to run it or pass it. When we get down there, weve got to score points. Thats glaring.

Q: (Sterling) Shepard had three catches of 38 yards or more was there a different focus on getting him the ball downfield? They werent catch and runs, they were downfield throws to him.
A: Each game plays out differently. They were matched up on us, and we had an opportunity to get the ball down the field more. Some games, its not the case, and so it plays out differently. As a group here as you ask the questions each week about where the production comes, sometimes it has to do with how theyre playing on defense and who we get the ball to to make sure we move the ball. There was a game when Saquon had 200 something yards, it made sense to get him the ball because they were defending the pass. Moving the ball certainly is very important, but weve got to get it in.

Q: On offense clicking late in the games:
A: I think its important we get a fast start. Weve only had a couple games where we got fast starts on both sides of the ball, and thats something as we get more and more familiar with one another, well do. We just have to make sure we, as coaches, are putting the players in the right spots.

Q: You guys are going up-tempo in those drives. Is that something maybe you could incorporate more? Is that something Eli thrives in?
A: When I was with Chip (Kelly), we majored in it, so its in our DNA to do it and I think its something that Eli is good at. We always have it available. Its sort of like, get that first first-down to get going, and I think thats a little bit of what weve fallen victim to.

Q: What do you like about Sean Chandler?
A: Hes a good player, a young player. Weve been impressed with him since he got here. Hes tough, hes competitive, hes got good instincts. I think, given an opportunity to get in the game, hes going to do a good job.
Better set of questions today...  
Dan in the Springs : 10/25/2018 4:27 pm : link
the red zone question called for a follow-up. Why did they struggle so much against one of the league's worst red-zone defenses? How can they improve that going up against one of the league's best?

I also would love to hear how they can improve execution mid-season. Are there things in practice that he's trying differently to focus on that? It's been nice to see some explosive plays, particularly in the passing game against ATL, and we need those because too many defenses have been forcing us to execute 10-play drives to get into the red-zone, and we've consistently struggled to put together long drives. Even though the yards have been there, it's mostly been because of explosive plays.
Agree the red zone question needed a follow-up  
Mike from Ohio : 10/25/2018 5:57 pm : link
It seems teams are playing the Giants to keep everything in front of them since quick strikes with Barkley and Beckham are about the only way the Giants will beat you. In the red zone the gimme yards disappear and the Giants have no answer because it's much harder to get guys open and we don't have the line to naturally open running lanes.
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