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Thursday Media Transcript: CB Janoris Jenkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/25/2018 4:19 pm
CB Janoris Jenkins -- October 25, 20

Q: Howís this week been like for you? They trade (CB) Eli Apple. Your name has been brought up in trade speculation. How have you handled this?
A: Itís been football to me. Iím not worried about whatís going on. Whatever decision they decide to make, they make it. Iím just here to play football.

Q: Has anyone said anything to you? Do you want to talk to someone in the front office?
A: No, itís a business. I understand itís a business. Whatever happens, it happens. Like I said, Iím here to play football, and Iím going to show up every day until whatever decision they make.

Q: When they make two moves like that, does it make you feel as if youíre next?
A: No, not my thinking, not my thoughts. Thatís just something they made in the front office. I canít control it. Like I said, whatever happens, it happens, and Iím just here to play football.

Q: Do you go into this Sundayís game wondering if itís your last game as a Giant?
A: No, never. I want to be here. Iím happy Iím here. Like I said, whatever decision they make, they make. Iím going to go with it. No bad feelings, no hard feelings, business is business.

Q: How are the Redskins different with Alex Smith at quarterback as opposed to Kirk Cousins?
A: He can control the ball. He doesnít like to throw turnovers. He can scramble, he manages the game very well.

Q: Do they do anything noticeably different in your opinion that they havenít done before?
A: Not too different, just a different quarterback that they rely to manage the ball more. Thatís about it.

Q: What does (RB) Adrian Peterson bring to that offense?
A: Heís still a hard runner, downhill guy. We know heís a great back, physical.

Q: Is it almost flattering to hear your name in trade rumors?
A: It ainít flattering. Business is business, baby. Whatever they decide to do, thatís what they do. I canít be mad at them. I canít judge nobody, I canít say nothing. If it happens, it happens, Iím on to the next step.

Q: It seems like a lot of teams want you.
A: Of course, they understand how I play. They know how I play. Whatever decision they make, I ainít got no problem with it, but until then, Iím here and Iím here to stay.

Q: How much do you hear the rumors?
A: They ask me, my family asks me, my friends, but like I told them, I canít control that. Iím just here to play football. Whatever decision they make, they make.
Didn't ask him about  
Doomster : 10/25/2018 8:54 pm : link
all the big plays he has given up this year....about the business decision tackles not made? Candy ass reporters....ask questions with some teeth...
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