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Friday Transcript: Wide Receivers Coach Tyke Tolbert

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/26/2018 3:00 pm
Wide Receivers Coach Tyke Tolbert -- October 26, 2018

Q: Continued the Broncos reunion by bringing in Bennie (Fowler III). What do you like about him?
A: Benny played, as you know, for me with the Broncos his whole career until this year and now hes back. Hes a talented player. Hes a very smart player. Bennie in three days learned our whole offense, studying day and night. He studies by concepts as well. Like to teach my receivers to study by concepts so he learned the whole offense. He has size, he has speed, he has good press release techniques, a lot of versatility. Hes a really good guy on special teams as well, so he brings a lot of versatility to our offense and to our football team as a whole and I was happy we were able to get him.

Q: Given how banged up you guys are at the position, what kind of opportunities are there for Corey Coleman, especially (inaudible)?
A: Corey is a baptism by fire kind of guy as well. Hes going in, hes studying and we have a couple of guys coming back off injuries so as far as having guys up and available, Im not sure whos going to be up, whos going to be down right now, but Coreys learning. Hes one of the guys that in the meetings asks a lot of questions too because hes a newer guy, so I want to see if hes able to grasp what were trying to do and hes doing a good job of that so far. Hes making some plays out there on the practice field on the ball, so excited about what he can bring to our offense because obviously a former first round pick and everybody had high grades on him coming out as well, as I did. To have him here with us, how we got him is a blessing for us and well try to use his talents.

Q: What do you think there is when you look at his skillset? What is it about his skillset that you think can be good?
A: He has really good speed, hes got really good hands making plays on the ball, hes a tough guy. I remember watching him in college, he can catch the ball and hes not one of these guys that kind of shies away from contact. Hell go and try to punish you as a ball carrier. He can make you miss, hes fast. He does a lot of good things. He has a lot of big play capability, as you saw in college on the offense they ran, so we all know we can use some big plays on our offense, so its good to have a guy whos used to doing that. That helps us as a whole.

Q: Is he one of those guys that you need to be patient early on and realize we might have a bigger long-term play for him here at this point because you dont want to make too quick of a judgment?
A: I certainly hope so. We got him, he has a very good talent and Im hopeful that him being here is for the long haul. Im confident in how I coach and how I teach, so I think hes getting a good grasp of what were doing, what were asking him to do. Im hopeful that he can be here for a long time and make a lot of plays and be very impactful for our program.

Q: Do you need one of these guys Corey, Bennie, Russell (Shepard) to step up and be the number three receiver behind Odell (Beckham Jr.) and Sterling (Shepard) or can it just be a different guy every week?
A: I think whoever we put on the field at that point in time, we need him to be that guy whoever he is. Whether its Odell and Shep and you say whoever the number three guy is any one of those guys on the field, were going to have the confidence that theyre going to go in there and make plays and help us win. Is it an established one guy or two theyre all on our team, so I hope its all of them when theyre on the field no matter who it is, we have confidence theyre making plays.

Q: We know with Odell hes a high-strung guy during a game and we see him getting all hyped up on the sideline. What is your approach to that? How do you handle that? Do you feel you a need to sometimes go calm him down and sort of let him vent and get it out or as his coach what do you do?
A: Different people have different ways of getting fired up. Some people like to rah-rah with their teammates and high five. Some guys pray. Some guys do other things yell to themselves, whatever. As long as what theyre doing is not demeaning and drawing negative attention on the whole program per se or demeaning to an opponent or demeaning to a teammate. Whatever they do is what they do. Everybody has different ways of showing their emotion and sometimes frustration takes over all of us at some point in time and you just handle it. Ive always handled it, you get your frustration out first. I dont want to go over there and excite the situation. Let him handle what he needs to handle first and then go over and talk to him afterwards because you dont want to make a big deal out of something thats really a small deal.

Q: Do you monitor him more maybe the most or maybe
A: No.

Q: Just let it sort of play play out?
A: Hes like anybody else who Ive had a lot of players, a lot of quote unquote high profile players, a lot of guys whove done the the same things and you just let it play out and then afterwards when they calm down, you go talk to them and explain just have communication with them. They understand and sometimes they want to talk and be heard, so you sit there and listen. Let them talk, be heard. Thats all they want. They want to be heard. They feel like theyre being listened to. You listen to them and you tell them what you feel and your plan and we move on the next play.

Q: How accepting has he been to when you do go over there and you do offer have that conversation with him?
A: Its been good. Its been good.

Q: Anything from a coaching standpoint you guys are doing with his IVs that he keeps needing? I know he said the problem is he doesnt drink a ton of water and now we see him carrying a water jug around. Anything you guys are doing to make sure he stops cramping?
A: Thats a question for Ronnie Barnes, not a question for Tyke Tolbert. I stay in my lane. I tell them to run down the field, turn right, and catch the ball. Thats about what I do so as far as IVs and medical attention and cramps, thats kind of out of my wheelhouse. I just let the trainers take care of it.
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