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Friday Transcript: LT Nate Solder

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/26/2018 3:20 pm
LT Nate Solder -- October 26, 2018

Q: What was your reaction to the trades this week? Was it a surprise to you?
A: I was certainly not expecting it, but I am so thankful to be here under the leadership of (General Manager) Mr. (Dave) Gettleman, Coach (Pat) Shurmur. I just think that theyíre building this thing the right way. I believe in those guys tremendously. All of the decisions that they make, I fully support, and whatever that means, we play it out however it needs to be played out.

Q: After watching the film, whatís your evaluation of the teamís performance in the last game?
A: I thought that the speed of the game affected me, personally, at the beginning, and I think that can happen against good, fast pass rushers. You kind of catch up to the speed and you donít ever want to have that happen. So, going into this game, they have fast guys as well, and they have plenty of speed. You got to come out there fired up, ready to go off the first snap, and not make those early mistakes that you have to overcome.†

Q: What do you think when you see all these trades occurring? Was your mindset any different six months ago as opposed to now?
A: What I was thinking six months ago is the same thing Iím thinking now, and that was God ordained this whole thing. He brought me here for a reason. Iím being obedient to what God is saying to me, and Iím so thrilled and joyful for that reason. Whoever is inside this locker room, whatever the circumstances are, donít change that. To encourage the guys, to love my teammates, to do the best that I can every single day, every single thing that I do, never changes, no matter what the circumstances are.

Q: How would you rate your play this year so far?
A: I donít like making general statements like that. I think that thereís some bad, some good. We move forward and we get better as we go.

Q: What has (C/G) Spencer (Pulley) brought to the offensive line?
A: I really respect Spencer and his professionalism. He came in here and has done everything that heís needed to do. Heís learned an offense. Heís been a good teammate, a good leader at his position, and heís doing everything that he needs to do. Heís practicing hard, heís playing hard.†

Q: You guys have had eight different guys start a game. How hard is it to build chemistry amongst a shuffling offensive line?
A: I also think that chemistry extends beyond the starting five. I think thatís within the room, within the position. I think it extends to the tight ends. I think it extends to the quarterback. I think thatís thereís a chemistry that builds, and itís a group chemistry, itís not necessarily one person or another.

Q: Pat Shurmur said during the preseason that this team is only going to go as far as the offensive line takes it. As an offensive line, do you have to wear that on your shoulders now?
A: Absolutely, I think thatís the blessing and the curse of having a lot of weight on your shoulders. A lot of people are depending on you, and thatís great. I absolutely love it. Like I said before, I think God ordained all of this. I think that thereís no surprises about any of this in His eyes. Iím living out the way that heíd want me to live out my life, and thatís amazing. Iím so thankful for that.

Q: Do you have any regrets? Are you content with having to lose here a few years before things start to get better?
A: Listen, this is one game at a time. You guys are talking big picture, and thatís none of my business. I donít look at that. I take one game at a time. I focus on the next opponent, the Redskins. Everything I need to do, everything my teammates need to do, everything we need to prepare for, evaluating film. If you get caught on a bunch of other stuff, that doesnít really affect what weíre doing now, itís just going to be a distraction thatís going to take away from what weíre doing. Thatís the most important thing.

Q: What do you think the vibe is in here after trading two pretty established players?
A: You got a lot of hard-nosed dudes that care. You see smiles on peopleís faces because theyíre passionate about what they do. They enjoy what they do. We love each other. I think thatís whatís special and important.

Q: At 1-6, is it fair to put a lot of the blame on the offensive line?
A: Thereís always going to be criticism. If you win every single game, thereís going to be criticism. If you lose every single game, thereís going to be criticism. Thereís some good, thereís some bad. You improve on the bad, and you keep doing whatís good, and you move forward.

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