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Post-Game Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/28/2018 6:18 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Redskins) Transcripts: Head Coach Pat Shurmur -- October 28, 2018

Opening Remarks: Special teams, defense, I thought battled and contributed in a way that, pretty much a winning effort. On offense, weíve got to score more points. Until we unlock that, until we get down there and score touchdowns, then itís going to be tough sledding, so thatís where it is. You canít score 13 points in any game at any level and expect to win them. Weíve got to unlock that, weíve got to get that better. Whatever it is, weíve got to get that figured out. Weíve got to put the ball in the end zone more often. Iíll stop there and take your questions.

Q: Until that last drive, speaking of the red zone, Eli (Manning) was 0-2 with the interceptions, are you getting enough out of the quarterback down inside the 20?
A: I think weíve got to get more out of everybody.

Q: What happened on that interception in the red zone?
A: They jumped it. Two under routes then a seven route. They played the concept pretty well, youíve just got to come off it. That throw, they jumped it. They did a good job of covering that particular route, so he just needs to move on.

Q: What did you think of how Eli (Manning) played today?
A: Iím going to have to watch it in total. He made some good throws, certainly you donít want to throw an interception down there. Just like every week, Iím sure thereís a handful of things heíd like to do better, but there were some things he did well. He got sacked seven times.

Q: You hoped the continuity of the line the second half last week would carry on and help this week. Why didnít it?
A: I thought so. Then Chad (Wheeler) went down, so we put Brian (Mihalik) in there. Iíll look at it, but I think each guy had a couple bad reps.

Q: At first glance, how many of those sacks would you put-
A: I donít know. I canít do the math on that right now.

Q: You get that fumble return and then you canít do anything with it.
A: Yeah, thatís a game-changing play that then we had a drop, we actually had two drops in that sequence, and then we had a short pass that probably could have gone someplace else.

Q: You looked particularly disappointed when the ball went through Evan Engramís hands on the fourth down play. Did he just not get his head around in time?
A: No, it was fourth down. I thought they played zone and they did, we had an opportunity to convert and we didnít. Thatís where my disappointment lies, and Iíll just leave it at that. I thought we had what we were looking for, weíve just got to execute it.

Q: At 1-7 going into the bye week.
A: 1-7. Thatís what it is.

Q: Do you have to consider major changes on offense?
A: Iím going to look at everything as we move forward.

Q: The quarterback?
A: No, I donít want to go there, Iím not going to tease that. I just want to look at everything and see what we have to do moving forward.

Q: Do you think the changes made prior to the game this week were a big factor in the teamís struggles?
A: I donít know. The biggest changes came on defense and I thought for the most part that was a good effort, except for the last four minutes when Adrian Peterson popped a long run. Getting turnovers, getting stops, kept the score low Ė so the two big changes came on defense, and I thought the guys that went in there battled and helped contribute.

Q: At 1-7, I know youíre preaching the same message week in and week out, how do you go about finding your own sanity so that way you can get this thing back on track?
A: Because thatís exactly what I believe, we just got to keep playing until we get it back on track. Once that happens, then we can move forward and itíll be good. We just got to keep playing. We all watched the game, thereís areas we need to improve and weíve got to try and find ways to make those improvements with the guys we had.

Q: On Eliís performance on third down:
A: We had some sacks in that area as well, we had a couple longer third downs. Weíve got to do better there. Combination of things.

Q: Has the front office given you any indication that more changes might be coming before Tuesday?
A: No, we havenít talked about anything. Iím not aware of anything.

Q: Do you expect any more changes at this point?
A: No. We havenít discussed it, so I donít know why Iíd expect it.

Q: How impressed were you with the secondary communication after the changes this week?
A: It was good. I thought there were some really good things done on defense and it is always a coordinated effort, getting pressure, getting guys covered, doing what you have to do to get off the field, doing what you have to do to keep them out of the end zone. Some of the guys in there for the first time in a major role, I thought, competed in a good way.

Q: Are you sensing anything from Eli, seven sacks, is he keeping his demeanor?
A: Iíve only been around Eli for less than a year now, and his demeanor is the same all the time.
When are these guys  
Gman11 : 10/28/2018 8:25 pm : link
going to learn that there is no coach that is going to bad mouth one of his players. None.
BBelle21 : 10/28/2018 8:34 pm : link
Our beat reporters are awful
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