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Post-Game Transcript: RB Saquon Barkley

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/28/2018 6:19 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Redskins) Transcripts: RB Saquon Barkley -- October 28, 2018

Q: Whatís your take on how the game was played?
A: The Redskins have a great defense. They played a great game. We just didnít finish our drives. We didnít execute, some mental mistakes. We keep kicking ourselves in the butt sometimes. Executing, just have to find a way to execute.

Q: How frustrating is it not being able to finish drives and settling for three points?
A: Definitely frustrating, we love our kicker to death, but we have to find a way to put six points on the board more times that we did in the game. Thatís something, during this little stretch, that we havenít been able to do. Itís something we have to start doing.

Q: Is this the way you envisioned this season to be?
A: I said before, it sucks that weíre losing. Obviously, Iím a competitor, weíre all competitors in this locker room, and we hate losing. I know you lose more in the NFL, because you definitely play a lot more games, but I guess you can say Iím disappointed, Iím upset, weíre all upset. Weíre 1-7 right now. Itís not where we want to be. We know weíre much better than our record. Thatís not where weíre at right now. We just got to find a way to do better.

Q: How do you shake this one off and get ready for the 49ers in Week 10?
A: Come to work tomorrow. Keep the good, and lose the bad. Get in the weight room. Treatment, keep your body up. Take a little bye week. Get your mind off it a little bit. Sometimes, that can help too, and then come back ready to play.

Q: Do you feel as if thereís enough in this room to get yourselves out of this?
A: I donít feel like thereís enough in this room to get ourselves out this situation, I know there is, and I truly, truly believe that. I believe in this team. I believe in this offense. I believe in every single player on our team. I know we got the talent. I know we got the coaching staff. At the end of the day, it comes down to finishing drives and executing, and thatís what we havenít been doing.

Q: Seems like you guys put together drives at the end of game. Why is that? Anything different
A: I donít know. Thereís really nothing different. I would say youíre kind of right with that statement. I guess urgency starts to kick in there. We got to charge ourselves to go out and let it fly from the beginning, from the first drive on. Youíre right, we do move the ball a lot better when weíre in tempo, or later on in the game. We got to find a way to come out with that same urgency in the beginning.

Q: Does it feel like a no-huddle, quicker paced offense is more helpful?
A: Thatís helpful around the league, for any team, but when you go tempo, obviously you get the defense on their heels, and definitely get tired. You are going to be able to move the ball a little bit more too, but when we donít go tempo, we got to find a way to execute. Itís just that simple, and when I said we, Iím including myself, everyone on the offense. We just got to execute.

Q: Does the bye week come at a good time?
A: I never experienced an NFL bye week Ė 1-7 right now, not where we want to be. I think itís a good time to keep your mind on football, you get away and you donít have to play that weekend, you get to spend time with your family, kind of get your mind off of it, a little bit, but come back ready to work and get this thing rolling.

Q: You never had to deal with losing this much. Is this an adjustment for you?
A: I guess you can say itís a big adjustment, but itís a part of the NFL, itís a part of the sport. Itís adversity right now. When we get this thing going, and we get this thing rolling, weíre going to look back at this and laugh, and see how this made us tougher.

Q: How much are you looking forward to that day?
A: Definitely looking forward to it, but I know itís going to happen. I know itís coming soon. Iím just going to continue to believe in the guys in this locker room. Continue to believe in this coaching staff. Continue to work on myself. I know that day is coming soon.

Q: Do you feel like thatíll happen this season?
A: Yeah, the way my mindset is, always be positive. Visualize success, put success in your head, put success in the air, positive energy in the air. Thatís how I operate. I believe it can happen next week, and if it doesnít happen next week, I believe itís going to happen the next week after that, and Iím going to continue to believe until it happens.
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