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Tuesday Media Transcript: S Landon Collins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/30/2018 4:10 pm
S Landon Collins -- October 30, 2018

Q: Would you prefer to stay here and help turn this around?
A: I always go back to my first time, wherever I started, thatís kind of where I want to finish at. Once youíre like eight to ten years in, itís time for me to let it go and let them bring some guys here. Iím expecting to stay here.

Q: Has all the trade rumors surrounding you been a distraction for you?
A: It goes on my mind, but when I come in here with these guys, itís in the back of my mind, because I want to get better. I want to get my teammates better, and I want to be a part of something thatís very special.

Q: How good of a feeling would it be to turn this team around and make them winners?
A: Itíll be awesome. Iím looking forward to it. Weíre right there. Every game, itís very close for us. Weíre excited Ė every time we go in there, we expect to win. If we get to make that turnaround, itíll be very special.

Q: If they make changes after the bye week, would you want them to make changes to put yourselves in a better positon to win? Or, do you feel as if they just want to see what people on this roster can do?
A: All changes, if theyíre good, thatís what we expect. We expect the coaches to know what theyíre doing up there, and they know how to use their best players. When we come back, I expect them to know whatís going on and how to fix things.

Q: What are your plans during this bye week?
A: My plan is to just get away and get space, and get my head out of the game, and really just try to relax, especially with all this craziness thatís been going on so far.

Q: Are you surprised to only have one win?
A: Yeah, we always said from the beginning, we got all the weapons that we showcase, and we expected to win. So yeah, Iím very surprised by it.

Q: Do you feel like more trades are necessary to turn this ship around? Or, do you feel as if you all can win with the group of guys here?
A: I canít control what they do upstairs, honestly. We miss those guys that were traded, and guys that have to step up in their position did their job this past week, and it was amazing to see those guys take that opportunity and take it to another level. From seeing that point on, things happen. You got to just push on from it.

Q: Can this defense take another hit if one of its key guys gets traded?
A: I donít know, it depends on what guy gets traded. Myself, (CB Janoris Jenkins) Jack, (LB Olivier Vernon) OV, it just depends on the guy and how weíre using him within our defense. If the defense is going to take a major hit, every guy is very, very important to our defense. At the end of the day, we need every guy. Every guy thatís accounted for when we play on Sundays or Mondays. When that comes down to it, yeah, it can take a punch. So, it depends.

Q: One of the guys who plays almost every snap, trading away that guy would be difficult to replace.
A: Yeah, youíre replacing a guy with a lot of knowledge on the field, experience, game playing, playmaker. It can take a major punch depending on how it goes for the defense.

Q: Did you practice today considering it could be your last as a Giant?
A: I practiced with it on my mind, yeah, but I didnít show it when I went on the field.

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