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Tuesday Media Transcript: RB Saquon Barkley

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/6/2018 4:27 pm
RB Saquon Barkley -- November 6, 2018

Q: What do you want to get out of the second half of your rookie year?
A: Just continue to get better every single day. Second half, so eight games to continue to improve. Like I said, you never know whatís going to happen, so come out here and continue to compete, work my butt off and like I said, continue to get better overall.

Q: Do you look at your stats? After eight games, itís easy to look at peopleís stats and just multiply them by two and try to project what you can do for the season. Did you look at that during this break and see what you like and what you donít like?
A: No, I donít really look at that. Iím very active on social media, so I see predictions or if Iím on pace for this and that, which means nothing because nothing is guaranteed. Iím not one of those guys that says, let me see my stats, let me see how much I ran for this or that, I just play. Like I said, Iím not going to stand here and lie, I am very active on social media, so thereís fan pages of me and I can go on Instagram or even on my explore page and they just happen to pop up. Iíve seen predictions of what Iím capable of doing, but it means nothing to me.

Q: Thereís been a lot of guys who are veterans on this team who have said that youíre already becoming a leader and look at you as a leader even though youíre a rookie. What have you done through the first half that might give them that vibe? How important do you think it is to carry that mantle even as a rookie?
A: Yeah, that means a lot hearing that from guys on this team because at the end of the day, thatís the only thing that matters is the opinions of your teammates. Just being myself, that is the best advice that I got coming into my rookie year and thatís something that Iím going to continue to try to do is be myself and be vocal, play hard and compete. The rest will take care of itself.

Q: Do you think you can do better in the second half than you did in the first half?
A: Of course. Thereís always room for improvement. I think everyone on this team can get better, we know that. Especially for myself, just self-scouting myself, thereís so many places where I can improve in every part of my game, every phase of my game. Iím always going to have room to improve and thatís what drives you, and thatís what makes you compete to try and continue to get better.

Q: Did you take a look during this break at a couple of things that you did in the first half? What would be one or two things you said, ĎI could really do this betterí?
A: Trusting myself. Thatís one thing I need to get back to. Iím big on watching film, and sometimes it hurts myself because I over-calculate things or I overthink sometimes, so try not to do that and trust myself, play the game, and play the position Iíve been playing since I was a little kid. Thereís multiple areas, pass (protection), catching the ball, running in between tackles Ė everything. Every part of my game has room to improve, and thatís a challenge that Iím willing to accept. Thatís a challenge I will continue to get better at.

Q: Are you eyeing the offensive rookie of the year award?
A: No. Thatís not how I operate. Iím a competitor and I would love to win that award, but the way I operate is set my goals that I set, to take care of the little things in here, take care of the little things on the field and in the weight room, whether it was in the offseason or wherever, every other thing comes along with that. (I donít) have those goals of MVP, rookie of the year, this many yards or that many yards, I take care of this stuff first and everything else will take care of itself

Q: You mentioned you want to catch the ball better. You donít have drops.
A: I have two or three that I know that I dropped. You want to be perfect, youíre probably never going to be perfect, but those two or three balls Iíve got to catch.

Q: Are those drops that everyone says were drops, or are they drops in your mind?
A: In my mind, for sure. Like I said, talking about stats, I donít know what I technically have. Maybe some people say I have more, I might be missing some, but thereís two or three that really pop into my head that were drops.

Q: You have a new guard here, Jamon Brown from the Rams. He blocked for Todd (Gurley) for a number of years. Is there anything you can ask him about Toddís game that you can glean from him?
A: Oh yeah, definitely. I definitely can learn a lot from the guy who blocked for probably, today, the MVP of the league, in my opinion. I watch film on Todd Gurley, I love the way he plays. Heís an all-purpose back and a threat any time he touches the ball, he runs physical and runs right in between tackles. Definitely, I would be wrong if I donít go and pick his brain and go ask that guy, what do you see that Todd did or what made Todd exceptional, and the reason he is the player he is today. Thatís something that I want to learn from him because I want to compete, and I want to be better than Todd one day. I know he has the same mindset, all running backs have the same mindset in the league, thatís just the way it operates in this league, and how it operates as competitors.

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