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Thursday Media Transcript: S Landon Collins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/8/2018 1:52 pm
S Landon Collins -- November 8, 2018

On the bye week:
A: The break helped a lot of guys just get away from football mentally, just get their minds back right, and everybody’s energized and getting ready for these last eight weeks.

Q: There was a report over the weekend that the Giants would either look to franchise tag you or sign you long-term. Would that be something you’re interested in?
A: When we get there, we’re going to get there. There’s no time to be talking about that. Nothing about contracts have been talked about yet, so when we get there I’ll let you know.

Q: Did the bye come at a good time for this team to just get away and focus on the last eight games of the season? Did it come at a good time especially the way things have been going?
A: I think so, honestly. We’ve got eight weeks, put us at that halfway mark so we kind of just figured things out. Like I said, a lot of guys came back energized, ready to play, and at the same time, when you come back to this game, it’s a lot. So that break definitely helped a lot of guys with the stress relief off their shoulders.

Q: How about yourself personally?
A: It was good. It helped.

Q: Because it was tough, right? No denying it was tough.
A: Yes, definitely tough.

Q: There’s only so much you can change over a bye week, but in terms of attitude, approach, work ethic, do you notice much of a change since you’ve been back?
A: From the guys? Honestly, the momentum has picked up. We had Tuesday practice, practice was really fast. Attention to detail was there, everybody was keyed in, tuned in, and ready to go honestly. There was nobody out there just lollygagging it, it felt really awesome to be out there.

Q: How much did you know about (San Francisco 49ers QB) Nick Mullens before a few days ago?
A: Not much honestly. He had a great game against Oakland, he played very well, and we just have to keep an eye out on him. We know he’s going to be the starting quarterback for those guys, and we’ve just got to key on what he likes to do, what he sees, and he likes to read.

Q: It was almost a year ago exactly you guys went out to San Francisco, you had one win -- they had none. Are you stunned to be in kind of the same position a year later?
A: I would say so, yeah. That’s definitely crazy, but I don’t think the outcome – not saying we’re going to win, but how they took over on us last year – will be the same.

Q: Does it feel any different this year? How would you say you’re different as a team a year later?
A: Like I said, guys are ready to play honestly. Guys know they’re still playing for something for themselves – either their family, the name on your back, or just interviewing for the other (31) teams if you’re still on this team. It’s always good to just go out there and play great ball.

I'm glad we didn't trade Landon  
kelsto811 : 11/8/2018 1:57 pm : link
And to be honest, I'm pretty surprised that all the reports I've read seem to be about upbeat and focused practices. Shurmur has at least done a good job of not having the guys quit on him. Couldn't say the same for McAdoo
what's the amount he would be paid  
Andy in Boston : 11/8/2018 2:34 pm : link
on the franchise tag?
I think it’s 12 mil, possibly 13  
Big Blue '56 : 11/8/2018 2:45 pm : link
BB56 is correct, it would be roughly 12 mil a year.....  
Simms11 : 11/8/2018 7:22 pm : link
Highest paid Safety is getting 13 mil. Top 5 average out to around 12 per. Hopefully they’ll just sign him to a 4 year deal where they can spread out that cap hit. He’s worth keeping around. Hard to replace a safety of his caliber.
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