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Friday Media Transcript: ST Coordinator Thomas McGaughey

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/9/2018 5:17 pm
ST Coordinator Thomas McGaughey -- November 9, 2018

Q: What are you doing at returner if (Quadree) Henderson is not called back up?
A: Next guy up, whoever that guy is. Next guy up. Whoeverís back there, weíre going to coach them up and keep it rolling.

Q: Why did you take Odell (Beckham Jr.) off?
A: Odell is always an option. Heís never off of anything.

Q: Heís never off your list, but is he on the master list?
A: Yes, heís always an option. Heís here, heís got a jersey, and he plays on game day. Heís always an option.

Q: Was that always going to be a delicate balance with him? Because you wanted to save him when you needed the home run, but then when you put him out there, there were times where you wanted him to be safe and do the safe thing, but maybe heís not the kind of guy in that situation who wants to do the safe thing, he wants to make a play. Is that a balance for you guys as coaches?
A: Absolutely. Iíve been around this kid since he was 18 years old, I know him pretty well. His natural instinct is to make a play. Itís always going to be one of those deals where you have to see the situation for what it is during the game and youíve just got to manage it accordingly.

Q: This is a team that has struggled to move the ball forward. When you have a punt returner come in at a position where guys have fumbled the ball or not returned well, then (Quadree Henderson) has a 19 yarder or a 21 yarder, and then you risk losing him Ė why would you do that?
A: I canít answer that question because I donít make those decisions.

Q: Do you fight them?
A: I fight for everything, thatís just a special teams coach. We fight for every inch, you always fight to try and get certain guys up, try and go get guys, youíre always trying to look for ways to get better. Itís just one of those deals where you line up and play with who youíve got. It is what it is, Iím the special teams coach. I completely understand your question, itís just I donít make those decisions. Whoever shows up in my meeting room, thatís who I coach. Whoever they are, thatís who gets coached.

Q: Did you feel he was giving you some production and stability there?
A: I like what he was doing, definitely. Obviously when you get a chance to make an explosive play and he makes one, makes a couple, you always like that. Thatís something that he has, thatís what he is, heís shown that in college and we look forward to getting him back.

Q: Does it put a strain on the whole operation when itís a new guy back there every time? You have to work in unison.
A: Itís like anything else Ė itís like the offensive line play, itís like defensive line play, secondary, itís chemistry. Any time you put a new guy back there, it takes a little bit for the return guys to get a feel for his speed and how he gets through the hole, and how he sets it, and all those different things. Itís always a process when youíre changing guys.

Q: Jawill Davis had some success as a kick returner. Is he an option as a punt returner or is that not the same?
A: Yeah, heís always an option. Weíve got a lot of options on the roster, and weíve got a lot of guys that have done it so far this year. Jawill, Corey (Coleman), (Quadree), Odell, (Sterling Shepard) Ė weíve got guys that have done it before that can catch a punt, so those guys are always options.

Q: (Riley) Dixon and Antonio (Hamilton) have seemed to combine to pin opposing offenses a couple times now. What do you like about what theyíre doing? Is Riley kicking to a guy that he now knows he can rely on?
A: Thatís one thing we practice a lot. Riley is getting better as the year goes on, Antonio is definitely getting better, being able to see the ball, track it, make those plays inside the 10, which helps us field position wise. Thereís a comfort level between those two guys, and the longer you do things, like I said, itís a chemistry deal. Itís learning what the other guy can do, itís being able to track the ball and see where the ball is and being able to feel comfortable making that style of play.
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