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Friday Media Transcript: WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/9/2018 5:19 pm
WR Odell Beckham Jr. -- November 9, 2018

Q: What are you looking to accomplish, personally, over the last eight games of the season?
A: Win eight games. Go 9-7 and go to the playoffs. Giants been there before, 9-7 and got to the playoffs. I think they did pretty good, so thatís the goal. Itís not an easy task, but thatís the goal. We want to win every game, and do anything I can to help that.

Q: How does this team accomplish that?
A: I think doing what we didnít do in the first half. Weíre doing the opposite of what we did in the first half. Scoring points in the red zone, completing drives, all the little things that have held us back. Weíve lost a lot of close games that we just didnít pull through. We know what situations weíre in when we are in those close games. We just havenít found a way to pull them through. Just keep working. Itís easy to sit up here and be like we want to win eight games knowing that itís very tough to do. You just got to pull it all together now.

Q: Do you feel any added pressure to be that spark for the offense?
A: Not any more than I ever have. Hopefully I can start catching some of these things and start taking them to the crib, making bigger plays. I put more on myself. I know thatís something over the bye week, it was good to be able to take a step back and breathe, and get back in it. You got to put your best foot forward for the end of the season. Whatever happens is whatís going to happen, but I know that my mentality is not going to be to quit. Iím not going to be out there not trying to go hard every play. Any chance that I get, thatís just always how Iím going to be. I know weíre not in a very good situation, but you just got to make the most out of that.

Q: Is there a desire to eliminate those red zone problems?
A: Iím with you on that. I think that any chance I get, and all of us Ė (RB) Saquon (Barkley), (WR Sterling Shepard) Shep, (TE) Evan (Engram), you get a chance to take something to the house, itís time to go. Thereís no more holding back, playing it safe, or waiting for the next play, because you donít know if youíre going to have a next play, and thatís just the mentality we have to take. Any chance I get now, and I catch one of these slants, thereís no motion wasted. Itís just got to be somebody has got to come catch me. You trust your training, you trust your speed Ė somebody has got to come catch me. Iím trying as much as I can to make these plays, explosive plays, and we all need to do that.

Q: Why havenít you all been able to get those big, explosive plays?
A: Not to say that the opportunities havenít been there, but theyíve been limited. They havenít been the same look. Like I said, I remember the one in Houston where I felt like I couldíve just hit it, and now itís just time. I always have felt towards the, I donít know statistically, but towards the back end of the season, I feel like I do better. As the season goes on, peopleís bodies start to break down. I really try to maintain and I really try to be better than I was Week 1 at Week 10, and I feel a lot stronger going in towards the back end of the season. Now, itís just time to do that really.

Q: You think itís the shape youíre in?
A: Honestly, I feel like Iím in the best shape of my life. With the training and everything that I had, the rehab, the strength stuff I still do, I feel like as the season goes on, I get stronger, I get faster, or maybe I stay the same and other people are slowing down, but either way it goes, I feel almost an advantage towards the end of the season.

Q: You only say that after your birthday, right?
A: (laughter) If we wouldíve had a game this week, I probably wouldíve had the best game of my life, because every time itís around my birthday, even in high school Ė high school, I played on my birthday, I had five touchdowns. When I was five years old on my golden birthday, I scored five goals in soccer. Around my birthday time, I donít know what it is, itís the universe, the energy, whatever it is, I just play better, I just do better. Itís still Scorpio season, so itís time to turn up.

Q: Are you considering this your birthday game then?
A: I guess it is. Iím going to have to. Itís really (former Giants WR) Victor Cruzís birthday. So, Iím going to have to do something for him. Hopefully I can score and do the salsa for him, or something, but it still is Scorpio season. Itís time for me to step it up.

Q: You said itís not an easy task to get to 9-7. Is that a realistic task?
A: Anything is possible. You heard (former Boston Celtics Forward) Kevin Garnett when he won? Yeah, anything is possible (laughter).

Q: Are you going to do that for us?
A: No, my voice is going to crack. I donít want to embarrass myself. Itís not impossible to win eight games. It wasnít impossible to lose seven. Anything can happen, but the main focus is just this one game. Treat this game like this is your last game of the season. We want to go out with a win. Letís say you win that game, alright, now youíre focused on the next one. This is the last game. You got to win it. Everything is a must-win for us. We want to win. Thatís going to be the goal going forward, is to win.

Q: I think you and (Texans DE) J.J. Watt had something on social media last season in regards to Comeback Player of the Year. Do you pay attention to whatís going on around the league?
A: No, but I did watch the guys who did get injured. (49ers CB Richard Sherman) When Sherm went down, (Buccaneers WR) DeSean (Jackson), all these guys, because this a brotherhood that we have. In my mind, Iím not competing against them. I like their success. I like that Sherm came back and heís playing at a high level. Excited to go against him. We went against each other my rookie year. This is a guy who Iíve been at the Pro Bowl with, a guy whoís big brother-ish, and he kind of gives me the advice and he showed me the ropes, and all those things. So, I keep close with those guys who did go down last season. I donít know where I stand as far as the race with them, or anything like that. It hasnít really been my concern. My concern was coming off an injury, or not coming off an injury to have the best season Iíve had yet so far this season. Thatís still always going to be the goal. Thatís what Iím working on.

Q: With all the goals that youíve set for yourself, Comeback Player of the Year was something that probably wasnít on your radar.
A: No, it never was, nor would it be Most Improved, or any accolades like that -- Super Bowls and MVPs, those -- but those I never really imagined being in a Comeback Player of the Year race, but if I get a chance to win it, Iíll take it.
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