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Thursday Media Transcript: S Landon Collins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/15/2018 2:52 pm
S Landon Collins -- November 15, 2018

Q: How does it feel coming in this week coming off a win and trying to build off of that?
A: Itís awesome honestly to come off the win, but we got to build, like you said. You got to turn the page. Itís a big win, we learned from our mistakes, learned from our lessons and we go from there.

Q: What challenges does this Tampa offense present to you? They have a lot of talent.
A: This offense is a passing offense. We see they got a lot of weapons out there. They use them very well, they got a quarterback thatís not scared to throw the ball and give his receivers a chance to catch the ball and make plays and they do a great job.

Q: What about O.J., a guy like O.J. Howard and the tight ends they have?
A: Like you said, you got a lot of options. Those guys at tight end and the receivers make it difficult for defenses to cover them and just keep them off the field. They have been over 300 yards total offense almost every game.

Q: How much is it on your mind that you guys havenít won a game at home? Youíve won two, but not anything at home. How nice would it be to kind of reward these fans that have kind of stuck by you through this tough season?
A: Honestly, it would be great to win a game at home just for the fans because like you said, they stuck with us. Itís been very difficult, theyíve been going through it with us and for sticking with us is special.

Q: You guys prepare any differently when you go against a team that just throws a lot?
A: You know you just got to cover longer, honestly. Thatís about the only thing that you got to put in your mindset. Cover longer for a longer down, a longer pass. Thatís about the only thing.

Q: You take any more chances knowing that this offense turns the ball over and then see if you can let the ball come to you?
A: Do you take chances?

Q: Be a little more aggressive.
A: You take what you know. I wouldnít say chances, but different route concepts that you know that theyíve run and know you can get a key in on, yeah you take your chance then. Other than just keep taking chances, no. You get beat then.

Q: How do you think you guys can get off the field on third downs a little better than Ė
A: Honestly, I would think tighter coverage and just knowing the situational downs like when the down and distance, where we need to be at, how fast you need to get there, if you need to get out of disguise a little quicker. Just getting there quicker, thatís about it.

Q: As you look at this stretch of games coming up here, last one included, got some pretty good tight ends on the slate. Coach Bettcher was just saying that youíre going to be a big part of trying to stop what they do. How excited are you about that?
A: Iím always excited about the opportunity, honestly. I get to play against some of the best tight ends in the game and showcase my skills and Iím always up for the challenge.

Q: What is it that makes (Ryan) Fitzpatrick such a threat as a guy who can throw for 400 yards?
A: He has confidence in his arm and in his ability to get the ball down field and he has confidence in his receivers to catch the ball, any kind of ball he throws, so when you have that, itís just kind of throw it up there and see what happens.

Q: Do you recall when the last time you won two games in a row was?
A: What, 2016?

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