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Friday Media Transcript: LB Coach Bill McGovern

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/16/2018 3:51 pm
Linebackers Coach Bill McGovern --November 16, 2018

Q: What kind of growth are you seeing from Lorenzo Carter? Obviously he had a pretty big game the other night and seems like hes making some strides.
A: Hes definitely making strides, hes working at it each and every day. Happy with the progress that hes made so far and again the last game probably a good sign of that.

Q: Do you think his workload is going to increase more down the stretch?
A: Well see. Weve been trying to increase it as it progresses and see how much he can handle, but hes handling more and more, and the more he shows he can handle, well try to give him more work.

Q: Seems like you guys want to continue to rotate guys in there, though. You dont want to put too much on his plate. Why is that?
A: You dont want to overload a young guy and just kind of put too much on him. Hes also playing special teams. Theres a lot going on and this is obviously the NFL, the season is a lot longer than the college season, so youre just trying to give him a good foundation which to build off of.

Q: What do you think B.J. (Goodson) has done with his increased opportunities these last several weeks?
A: Hes doing a good job. B.J.s been the same guy. He comes to work every day, does a great job preparing, hes attentive, hes taking notes in every meeting. He wants to do good. The opportunity arose for him on Monday night and he took advantage of it, so happy for him, happy for us.

Q: With the opposing tight ends, (George) Kittle had a pretty good game. What can your guys do to help youre going to play some good tight ends down the stretch here. What can your guys do to sort of limit the damage?
A: Its one of those things that like all things, the catches the wideouts make, everybody makes. Its apart of everybody. Theres going to be times were covering them, theres going to be times where we could be underneath coverage. At times, we could be man, theres times we could be rushing, so its all going to affect every catch thats made or not made, so we just got to continue to work and prepare. The guys are doing that. The guys are putting in the time, the film study, everything else. Were just trying to put him in a situation to have some success.

Q: How can Alec (Ogletree) be better in coverage? It seems like sometimes hes getting isolated and beaten. I know its tough against running backs, but just curious from your standpoint.
A: Its one of those things we talked about it. I talked about it with him, weve met about it, weve looked at some film study about it and in individual time, weve spent a little more time on it. Its things that hes a true professional. Hes a guy that wants to be better, wants to be as good as he can be, so hes working at it, hes trying to take care of the little things. Theres sometimes we can help him better as coaches. He can be better in his technique and we could maybe somebody else in the coverage even could help him.

Q: Is it mandatory for these guys, not just him in particular guarding some of these running backs, theyre used to going against Saquon (Barkley), its a tough matchup for these guys. Is it mandatory that almost these days to get their hands on guys early?
A: Ideally, youd like to, yes, but because you see all those rub routes and pick routes, the offense does a nice job of kind of trying to keep that separation in terms of what they can do, in terms of where their run fits are and your pass responsibilities, so it is. Ideally, the closer you can get to them, the better off you are. Space is not always necessarily your friend in coverage.

Q: When (James) Bettcher cycles Landon (Collins) down to the point where he sometimes is kind of playing linebacker, do you ever coach Landon on things hes doing down there at that level of the defense?
A: No, he knows things. Hes taken that. Theres times hes in Lous (Anarumo) room and Desheas (Townsend) room and theyre kind of going through everything. They handle that like its all we kind of handle each other. If Im there, if I can help him with something, Ill gladly do it, but its one of those things we kind of hes being told, hey youre playing man, youre playing this zone, whatever it may be, youre blitzing, whatever it may be.

Q: He seems kind of like a Swiss army knife.
A: Hes a guy that obviously his workload has increased. We ask him to do a lot of things, but hes done a nice job.

Q: OV (Olivier Vernon) hasnt put up the sack numbers that maybe hes done in the past. Is he fully back in your mind from the injury or is he still working his way a little bit back?
A: I dont think anybodys 100 percent after they start playing, but hes been out there, hes been working. He is being disruptive. He hasnt like all of us, we all kind of quantify it by whats your sack numbers, but hes there, hes giving pressure. Hes the guy that they know is coming, so he is. Hes working his tail off. The quarterback knows where he is, the offensive line knows where he is. Hopefully theyll come in time.

Q: How much are seeing that, guys putting extra attention towards him?
A: You see when you watch the tape they know where he is.

Q: Theyre sort of sliding guys towards him?
A: They know where he is, yeah.

Q: Is there anything you can do to combat that when they do that or does that kind of just free space for
A: Its schematically. Like I think Bettcher always talks about schematically working. Were trying to get a bunch of one-on-ones and we need to win the one-on-ones. Other guys need to step up and try to make some plays, too, and its one of those things were trying to give guys opportunities to win in a one-on-one situation.

Q: Can Lorenzo do anything differently on his penalty? It seemed like he was, at the end of the game, it seems like he was leaving the ground
A: I dont think Im allowed to comment on that. I dont make that kind of money. Im not going to say anything on that.
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