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Friday Media Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/16/2018 3:56 pm
Head Coach Pat Shurmur -- November 16, 2018

Q: The Buccaneersí opposing quarterbacks have staggering numbers. What kind of stock do you place in that?
A: I donít put any stock in it. We watch the tape, we see how they play, and we have a plan to attack them. Sometimes it doesnít always play out that way. Theyíve put up points in the games they play well and so other teams then throw the ball. Weíre aware of it, obviously, it does help paint a picture, but it doesnít always play out as some people may predict it might.

Q: If a player is looking at that, can there be a danger in that?
A: No, we have a plan and we want to try to execute that plan. It will always involve running the ball, but teams that have given up some yards passing, certainly weíre going to try to take advantage of that.

Q: What did your offensive tackles work on during the bye that helped them have such a good game against the Niners?
A: Normal fundamentals, and then we did a good job of changing up the protections. They just did what they do better. You donít reinvent the wheel, you just try to do some of the things that youíre doing well more, and some of the things youíre not doing well less, and then work on the fundamentals. They had a good night.

Q: Are there things you found offensively last week that you feel like you put your finger on some things?
A: No, itís important and itís a team thing, I really do believe you have to run the ball throughout the game, and sometimes early in the game, it might be an ugly three-yard run, but thatís okay as long as youíre still getting first downs and scoring points. Plus, itís smart to give Saquon (Barkley) the ball. But games play out differently. There are some teams where itís better to throw the ball early, get them to loosen up, then run i. It just all depends on the team youíre playing.

Q: What kind of difference do you feel like Jamon (Brown) made for you last week?
A: Heís a big, sturdy guy. I think thatís a settling force for the quarterback when heís pretty certain that the interior of the pocketís going to be firm. He did a good job with that.

Q: You have had success in the no-huddle offense. Do you plan on doing that more?
A: Yeah, tempo and no-huddle are part of what we do. Thereís a difference between no-huddle and two-minute, and when youíre in two-minute mode racing up and down the field, thatís something that Eliís good at. Because thatís not always the scenario, you donít see it throughout games. Most teams have it and use it strategically, just not all the time.

Q: What did you make of Jerry Riceís comments saying he didnít think Eli Manning was a sure Hall of Famer?
A: Everybody has an opinion. Thatís his opinion. Iím not going to get into all that.

Q: Isnít what you worked on with Chip (Kelly) kind of two-minute drill all the time?
A: Yeah, so itís part of my DNA. I was there and helped develop the NFL version of Chipís offense, and so very well aware of how to do it. We do it strategically and itís been successful for us. When I say strategically, itís not all the time, itís when we choose to do it.

Q: Thatís a little different than regular no-huddle, that was like two-minute drill, right?
A: No, it was no-huddle. The two-minute drill is where youíre going fast because time is a factor. No-huddle is youíre just standing at the line, youíre not in a huddle. Itís like the throttle on a car, you go really fast, or you can go kind of fast, or you can go slow. So sometimes that gets misunderstood, just like thereís probably 50 definitions for the West Coast offense Ė zone-read, read-option. I cringe when I hear read-option, itís really zone read. Itís just the way it gets phrased sometimes, but the difference between two-minute and no-huddle, so to speak, is you just choose not to huddle.

Q: Is there a temptation because Eli is so good in that to use it more to get more up-tempo?
A: Yeah, and again, I think itís important that we use it strategically. We had a lot of tempo plays the other night. It didnít appear that way, but thatís actually what we were doing. You can do it a lot of different ways.

Q: Given how well Lorenzo (Carter) has done with increased responsibility these last few games, do you think youíll add to that down the stretch a little more?
A: Lorenzo had his best game (last week) and I think we need to build on that. Itís always good to see. Rookies get better at a faster pace sometimes than veterans because itís new for them and theyíre doing it for the seventh or eight times, and I thought he had a good game. Weíve just got to keep building on it.

Q: How was your commute last night? I know it was crazy with traffic.
A: I did alright. I just did it Michigan style, I put a jacket on, put the wipers on, and took off.

Q: Did you sleep here?
A: No, I didnít sleep here. It wasnít bad. It was busy, but it wasnít bad. Fortunately, the path I took, at least we were moving.
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