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Friday Media Transcript: LB Lorenzo Carter

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/16/2018 3:57 pm
LB Lorenzo Carter -- November 16, 2018

Re: your commute last night in the snow
A: It took hours. I was alone in the car. (Olivier Vernon) was in front of me, Kareem (Martin) was behind me. It was a long ride.

Q: What kept you busy?
A: Everything. I had the whole playlist on shuffle. I think I heard probably 75% of my music.

Q: You had experience before (with snow) in Georgia, you said?
A: A little bit, nothing like that. An inch of snow in Georgia, youíre out of school for a week. It was coming down, and I had to get home. It was tough.

Q: What time did you guys get out of here?
A: 4:30.

Q: Did you order delivery on the way?
A: I figured I might as well not because theyíd get stuck in the same traffic. Weíd be sitting there with each other. There was people walking. People were out there walking on the street.

Q: So when you call people in Georgia and tell them what you went through, how did you describe it?
A: I really didnít feel like talking to anybody. I was in the car. I let my mom know Iíd call her when I got home, but she kept calling back. I was like, Iím still here, I told you Iíd call you when I get home.

Q: On a scale of 1-10, how awful was that?
A: The ride was a 9. I didnít run out of gas, I had a phone charger, so I was straight, but the snow was a 10, awesome. I love the snow, but the driveÖ No. I got home at 9:30, five-hour ride, still had to make a snowman. First snow.

Q: What did you use for the eyes there?
A: Starburst gummies. I had raisins for the buttons, and then I found some twigs in the snow and put them in his arms.

Q: Is the snowman still standing?
A: Weíll see.

Q: If he is you can sack it.
A: No, Iíll keep that one up.

Q: We noticed and Coach also said it was your best game of the season last week. What is it thatís coming together for you now thatís allowing you to play at a high level?
A: I think itís just playing confident, just playing fast. Not thinking, just coming out and playing football, listening to the guys, (Olivier Vernon) giving me great tips, Connor (Barwin) giving me great tips and just trying to use what they say and try to take it out on the field.

Q: What would be the next step in your progression as a player?
A: Keep playing. Keep playing aggressive, keep playing fast and physical. Everything else comes with it. Just get play time, get experience.

Q: How comfortable are you with the increased responsibility and what do you expect in the coming weeks?
A: Yeah, Iím comfortable with it. We go out in practice, we execute plays in practice, so itís just the same translating to the field on game day. Increased role, it doesnít matter. Iím out there, itís the same thing. I go out there and take it one play at a time.

Q: What do you think is the key to getting your first home win of the season?
A: Just go out there and build off our win in San Fran. We had some good plays, offense made plays, defense made plays, special teams, so we just have to keep that same mindset to keep chopping and keep trying to make plays.

Q: Did you hear Jerry Rice say he doesnít think Eli Manning is a Hall of Famer?
A: No, I didnít hear that.

Q: What do you think about that?
A: I think thatís tough. Eliís a Hall of Famer in my eyes. Heís my quarterback, I love him. Two Super BowlsÖ Hard to talk against that.
I'm sure he's not waiting for my permission, but  
GeorgeAdams33 : 11/16/2018 6:03 pm : link
Jerry Rice can go suck BBC
Hey Jerry F U  
Trainmaster : 11/16/2018 11:00 pm : link

Eff Jerry Rice & the 69ers & their wine & cheese eating punanny fans  
Optimus-NY : 11/17/2018 6:23 am : link
Hold that...

don't usually have much to say about  
ColHowPepper : 11/17/2018 2:15 pm : link
player interviews, so canned and the beat writers so bland and boring. But I really liked Lorenzo, sounds very bright and humble. LOL: "You going to sack it [his snowman]. .No, I'm going to leave him up.' Love it

Optimus - Love me the Leonard in that gif!
# 93  
ColHowPepper : 11/17/2018 2:29 pm : link
coming in to clean up after the Marshall hit, none was needed, and don't recall if the Giants recovered (LT seen racing past on Montana's right) was Andy Headen?
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