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Post-Game Transcript: S Landon Collins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/18/2018 6:04 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Buccaneers) Transcripts: S Landon Collins -- November 18, 2018

Q: What were the emotions like as they were coming back scoring late?
A: We were giving them too many opportunities. If we go back, we probably dropped eight picks. Every time we gave them the opportunity, they moved the ball. We gotta get off the field when that happens.

Q: How would you describe today’s performance from your defense?
A: It was good. We gave up too many points, we gave up too many opportunities, but we came out with the win, and we finished it.

Q: How big was it to create a lot of turnovers?
A: It’s very big, honestly. It changed the momentum of the game. It gave our offense plenty of opportunities to score, and they did that most of the time when they got the ball.

Q: Coming from this game, what will you guys harp on as you face the Eagles next week?
A: Different scheme. Mostly going into Philly, we just gotta know our assignments. They know a lot of the stuff we like to do, so we just gotta be on our assignments as much as possible.

Q: Two down, six to go, how hopeful are you guys feeling after Odell’s comments about this being a ‘new season’?
A: We have in our mindset that we can make a run. We’ve been better prepared and we know our assignments going forward.

Q: Despite the record, how do you guys continue to maintain the positive vibes and block out the noise in order to continue to stack wins together?
A: Honestly, we look at it as if we’re in every game. Besides the Eagles game, we were in every game. We were one play away a lot of the time. One interception, one dropped pass, we look at it as that. We just gotta keep playing and we’ll turn it around eventually, and it looks like it is.

Q: Does each win make momentum shift leading into the following week?
A: Yes, of course. Offense and defense are giving us more confidence to try to make it work.

Q: The offense comes out and scores on the first three drives, the defense comes away with takeaways. How much can you emphasize how much they balance each other out?
A: Great question, because I don’t know. It’s a great feel, it’s a vibe. It’s just a feeling honestly.

Q: What happened with the concussion test?
A: I hit Fitz, I guess his knee hit me in the head. They saw me shaking my head cause they ruled it a touchdown, but I played the next play, I remember the play called (gives the play call). They made me go inside the tent, and then they made me come inside here (the locker room). And that’s what made me mad.

Q: So you were shaking your head on the touchdown?
A: Yes, when Fitz went in. It was like a scramble (laughs) yeah definitely.

Q: But you passed on the sideline and they still made you come in?
A: Correct

Q: With the two wins in a row, is part of you saying, ‘What took you so long’?
A: No, none of me is saying that. It’s just now we’re taking advantage of the opportunities we weren’t earlier in the season.
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