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Monday Media Transcript: CB Janoris Jenkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/19/2018 3:46 pm
CB Janoris Jenkins -- November 19, 2018

Q: On rematch against the Eagles; after the 62-yard field goal last year and how the Thursday night game went this season.
A: It was tough, but itís about just going back out there and playing football like I said. One play at a time, one snap at a time, and everybody playing together as eleven people.

Q: What do you take from the defensive play yesterday? Four picks, but then they were able to move it and score when Jameis (Winston) came in. Where does that stand in your mind?
A: I thought we did pretty good, but at the end of the game weíve got to understand that weíve got to continue to play tight coverage. Even though coach (Bettcher) called a certain call, weíve got to stay aggressive on the backend, just being smart and playing smart football, situational football, and weíll be ok.

Q: You donít think this is a sign that things are potentially going to continue like that? Letting up the points?
A: No, that wonít continue. Giving them points? That wonít continue. Weíre going to continue to bite down, just create as many turnovers as we can. We understand whatís going on, and like coach said just stay focused on whatís at task.

Q: What do you think has been the biggest difference for you guys since the bye week?
A: I just think the bye week helped us a lot. We came in for practice, but we didnít practice route concepts or what the other teamís doing, we focused on ourselves, particularly winning your match-ups, closing the edge when itís crack and replace, safety standing in the post, just working on us. I feel like that helped us a lot and you all are getting a glimpse of it.

Q: Back to basics in a way?
A: I wouldnít say the basics, just doing everything the right way. We know the basics, but itís just everybody trying to make a play or outplay a gap, we just came in and focused on us.

Q: When you showed up in the spring, one of the things you said was that you guaranteed the promise there would be no divisions, no problems with this team that there was last year. It looks like you were able to fulfill that and stick together. How impressed are you with that? Whatís the feeling in this locker room right now?
A: Itís all joy. Everybodyís family and friends, and we understand that we canít go back to last year. Captains have to step up, everybodyís got to step up, and weíve just got to continue to play football.

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