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Monday Media Transcript: RB Saquon Barkley

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/19/2018 4:02 pm
RB Saquon Barkley -- November 19, 2018

Q: What do you think the biggest difference is for your team from the one that played Philadelphia and had a really rough night that night?
A: Obviously the biggest difference from our team last time we played Philly is that weíve been finding ways to finish out games and execute when needed, and thatís what we've got to continue to improve on and continue to do for the rest of the year.

Q: What was the biggest obstacle they threw your way in that game?
A: You've got to give credit where credit is due. They played great, just a great game all around. The defense is very talented. We had some success running the ball on them, but at the end of the day we kind of just kept kicking ourselves in the butt, in the foot, whatever you want to say with penalties, with mistakes, and not executing. Thatís where we got to watch the game film from the last time played them and watch the recent games that they played and see how we can get better in that area.

Q: You started with three straight runs yesterday and for a back, how much does that help you get into a rhythm as the game goes along?
A: It definitely helps, but you got to be in the rhythm just from the start, from the jump. You got to be ready to go because thereís going to be some games where you get the ball three times in a row and then thereís some games where you may not carry the ball that much. So when your opportunity comes you got to be more than ready and thatís something Iím aware of. I got to keep continuing to watch film, keep continuing to come to practice and trying to get better.

Q: Do you feel it today? That was the busiest youíve been in the NFL.
A: Just the wear and tear from the NFL season. I think if you ask anybody, everyone is a little sore at this point. If you ask anybody, any team, any player thatís in the NFL, thatís just the wear and tear and the grind of the season, but I just got to continue to stay on my routine, continue to take care of my body and the rest will take care of itself.

Q: 27 carries, though, do you feel it more so? Maybe not even in a bad way, but do you feel 27 verses 18 or 15 or something like that?
A: No. Personally for me maybe because Iím young, maybe because Iím only 21 you really donít feel the difference. For me, I just get sore from a game whether if you carry the ball 15 times or you carry the ball 27 [times].

Q: I saw you said after the game that you felt a different pace with your offensive line and kind of the rhythm of it. Can you just describe what you were referring to?
A: Definitely want to clear that up because I think people meant like getting on pace with the offensive line. What I meant by pace Ė talking about kind of like your pace through the mesh. Through the mesh is the hand off between you and the quarterback. Where you lineup in home position in the gun, how fast you go through the mesh with your pace, slowing up your pace or fast pace. Like for example, LeíVeon (Bell), everybody knows his style Ė he has more of a patient type of pace going through the mesh. Other backs are faster. This week, coach challenged me to get more dirtier in the runs and get those three to four yard runs. If I quickened up my pace through the mesh, getting to the line of scrimmage faster than what Iíve normally been doing, it will help things develop a lot quicker.

Q: Were you surprised with how effective that was?
A: No, I wasnít surprised. Thatís where you got to be a pro and throughout the season and throughout the game. Sometimes even in games, sometimes your pace or your speed through mesh changes. Sometimes if itís third and one, youíre more aware youíre probably going to be a lot quicker or if itís in the red zone youíre probably going to be a lot quicker. Second and seven or first and 10 or whatever, whatever the defense is giving you, youíre probably going to be more patient. I wasnít surprised. If you go and watch that film play after play, they [offensive line] were just creating movement at the line of scrimmage. They played a tremendous game, a great game and Eli and all the coaches making great calls. Just put us in a position to win.

Q: Seems like the offensive line has had their two best games the last two weeks against the 49ers and against the Bucs. What do you think has been the biggest difference for them upfront from your perspective?
A: I would say that the biggest difference is that we won in those two games, especially for the run game. We havenít been down. I mean weíve been down, but it wasnít like weíre playing from behind and we got to catchup and catchup and catchup. Weíve been able to establish the run game early and often and thatís what we werenít able to do early in the season whether itís getting behind the sticks, penalties, getting down on the points, thatís when you know we have to throw the ball a little bit more. I would say thatís the biggest difference and just the attitude that they just came out with the last two weeks of letís go work and coach challenged them. The game of football is won upfront and they have been exceptional. I got to give a lot of credit to those guys.

Q: You grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs. Iím assuming youíve been to Lincoln Financial before?
A: Iíve been there one time. I played there my freshman year (of college).

Q: So youíve never been there as a fan?
A: No.

Q: What do you expect from them? You kind of know what thatís like, what that fan base is like.
A: Growing up in Pennsylvania knowing about Eagles fans, I know that they are different. As for that, thatís the best word I can use for them. Iíve been to the field before, Iíve played there before. They do have a great fan base and itís going to be a fun game there.

Q: Some of your friends, I assume, were most of them Eagles fans?
A: Probably all of them were Eagles fans. Itís either Eagles fans or Patriots fans from that area. Then you got some of your guys that are Jets fans or Giants fans.

Q: You converted them, though? The close ones at least or do they still kind of root for the Eagles?
A: My close friends are still Eagles fans. They say theyíre Eagles fans, but theyíre Barkley fans as well. Theyíll wear a Saquon jersey, but theyíll be Eagles fans still. Just because I come from Penn State, a lot of those people I see on social media will be like it kills me to root for you, but I still do because youíre a PA guy so itís pretty cool to see that.

Q: Maybe theyíll be easier on you?
A: Hopefully, but I do not expect that whatsoever. At least not from the people who are Penn State fans, but itís going to be a fun game. Get back into a divisional rivalry game and stuff like that. Take it one game at a time, try to get better.

Q: Is there an added chip on your shoulder for how it went down here when you played them the first time? You personally had 130 yards, but that game really didnít go your guysí way.
A: I think thereís an added chip on your shoulder. We got something good going on here right now. Weíre just trying to really focus on ourselves and just trying to come out and win the game, but we just want to win the game because thatís the next game on our schedule. Not because they beat us before. Obviously it does matter for our season and what we want to do with our season, but we just got to really focus on coming out and trying to do whatever it takes whether itís by 40, whether itís by three, one, whatever it takes to come out of Philadelphia with a win.

Q: You said after the game yesterday we owe them one.
A: Yeah, we do. They got us one time. They got us earlier in the season and now theyíre the next team on our schedule so we got to get them back.
Meh...He's no Sam Darnold  
Larry in Pencilvania : 11/19/2018 6:45 pm : link
If that's not sarcasm  
Bill in TN : 11/19/2018 8:35 pm : link
you're one of the biggest gaping assholes i've seen on this board.
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