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Wednesday Media Transcript: WR Sterling Shepard

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/21/2018 2:42 pm
WR Sterling Shepard -- November 21, 2018

Q: How is this Giants team a different team from Week 6 when you last played Philadelphia?
A: We corrected a lot of things that we wanted to correct after the break and one of those was being able to score in the red zone. I think we were struggling with that first half of the season and these last two weeks has been a pretty good turnaround for us, so we got to keep that going.

Q: Mechanical corrections, but yet when you look at the mindset of this team, two wins in a row, do you buy into momentum and how much does that play into it?
A: You always want to have the momentum and I think that’s kind of what the two games gave us and we just got to keep preparing the way that we’ve been preparing and hopefully we keep it on the roll.

Q: You guys haven’t won in Philly since like ’13 – before you were in the league. Is there something different about playing there that makes it more difficult?
A: It’s a different atmosphere. The fans are pretty rowdy and they can play a pretty big factor in the game, but we got to go in there with the same mindset we’ve had these last two weeks, like I said, and we’ll be fine.
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