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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/21/2018 2:43 pm
QB Eli Manning -- November 21, 2018

Q: You talked a lot about Saquon (Barkley) after the game, he’s been named offensive player of the week and he talked about how you’ve helped him in film sessions. How have you seen him grow this season so far?
A: I think he’s improved every week and I think he’s a guy who wants to be great, wants to get better. There’s something he thinks he can improve on, whether it’s just in a route or in protection or the way he’s running, he takes the coaching well and I thought he just ran with a little more sense of urgency and just hitting the holes hard and you can see it and it paid off. He had his best game.

Q: As you get ready for Eagles, how different are you guys compared to the when you played Week 6 against them?
A: Obviously we’re playing better football right now. We’re finishing drives, we’re – I think after a short week, we had some guys banged up with Evan (Engram) and Rhett (Ellison) at the tight end position, so I think also just with some receivers that we added since then. I think we’re running the ball better than we did so I feel like we’re playing better football, but we got to continue doing that. They’re a good team, they’re a good defense, they got a good front four and they’re a little banged up in the secondary, but they’ll have a good plan and we just got to go execute.

Q: Saquon said that he sped his pace up getting the ball and getting to the line of scrimmage quicker. Did you have to adjust to anything to go along with him there?
A: No, but I noticed it. I said something to him about it and honestly that something that he needed to work on during the week, but there was definitely a little better sense of getting the ball quicker and hitting the hole a little bit quicker.

Q: What’s been the biggest difference with Jamon Brown in the interior there, protections? How has it helped you and how’s the line kind of come together for you?
A: I think the last two games, it’s been their best games and obviously there’s just been a lot of turnaround at the offensive line from right tackle to right guard, centers, that whole right side and new players and it’s been different combinations, so finally for the last couple of weeks just had that same combination and those guys working together and working well and they’re passing things off and doing some good things so they can keep playing that way, the run game, pass game should help us out.

Q: You guys have only won in Philly once since 2012. Why has it been such a difficult place to play at?
A: I don’t know. They’ve been good teams and obviously hey, every time you play, you got an opportunity. It’s just about what matters is this game and this opportunity to go out there and get a win.

Q: Is there something that makes that place more difficult than Dallas or Washington?
A: No, I don’t think so.

Q: One thing you guys seem to have mixed in a little bit more is you break the huddle, get to the line and snap the ball right away. What are the advantages of doing that?
A: Just kind of change up the tempo and makes the defense get lined up a little bit quicker, makes them rush, maybe simplifies what they do a little bit and just let them communicate and be perfect in their alignments or in their responsibilities, so you throw them off a little bit. It’s been good for whether it’s the run or play action or nakeds and mixes up different plays.

Q: What are you thankful for this year?
A: Got tons to be thankful for. Obviously my family and all the friends, teammates, coaches, this organization, fans, to play this great game, so tons to be thankful for.

Q: The Eagles have an elite defensive front. What separates them from most of the other good ones?
A: I think just obviously there’s good players and it starts obviously with Fletcher Cox. He’s a disruptive player right there in the middle and do a good job with their ends, getting outside pressure, and just kind of making sure got to step up and you got a big man making some push up front. They do a good job getting to the quarterback and being disruptive in the run game, so we got to handle that, try to get the ball out quickly.

Q: Are you rooting for the Cowboys on Thursday?
A: No. I mean, we’ll watch the game, but you never know how it’s all going to end up or play out, so just watch.

Q: Would you admit that even if you were?
A: If it had a direct impact, I’ve rooted for a divisional team if I thought it would help us out one way or the other.
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