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Friday Media Transcript: WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/23/2018 4:37 pm
WR Odell Beckham Jr. -- November 23, 2018

Q: What is the one thing that has to change if you guys are going to come out with a win this time around?
A: Just continue to do what weíve been doing. Putting it together in all three phases. I was really looking back on my career, I was trying to think of the last time we beat the Eagles, and I know that theyíve been giving it to us. So, itís time for that to all turn around. Same thing Iíve been saying. We got to win all six games that we have left. Thatís going to be the goal. It wasnít a joke when I said it. I really believed it, but it starts one day at a time, one practice at a time, one meeting at a time, all of that good stuff. When we get to Sunday, to come out and do what we have to do.

Q: Is it psychologically possible for a team to have somebody elseís number?
A: Iím not a doctor, neurologist, or whatever, but I just know that itís on our minds. Itís on my mind for sure. For the new guys who are just coming here, like (G) Jamon (Brown), and people who havenít gone down to Philly and played in the Giants vs. Philly. Itís a fun experience. The fans are very nice, very welcoming (laughter). Itís going to be a battle. Weíre both battling. Theyíre battling to get, in our division, first place, and weíre battling to win our last six games, and whatever happens after that is what happens. We just got to come out and we got to bring it to them the way that weíve been doing the past couple weeks.

Q: Does the one-sided nature of the rivalry bother you?
A: Yeah, of course, itís Philly and theyíve been beating us. I donít like losing, period. It doesnít matter who it is. The nature of it Ė Philly, Giants. It canít go on forever.

Q: Why do you think itís been the way it has been?
A: I couldnít even tell you that answer. Theyíve just won those games. Thatís all I can really say. I donít know if itís something specific. I donít know what it is. Theyíve just come out with the wins.

Q: What do you tell (RB) Saquon (Barkley) about that atmosphere?
A: He doesnít need to worry about it. Itís all noise. This dude is incredible. It doesnít matter where weíre at. Heís going to go out there and ball. Philly, theyíre going to have to stop him. The crowd is going to have to stop him. The team is going to have to stop him, and theyíre going to have to stop us, too. We got to come out and bring our best game.

Q: How much would a win Sunday add to the momentum you guys have here?
A: If it wasnít Philly, and it was any other team, it would be crucial for us right now. We got to win all games, no matter who weíre playing. I donít care whoís in front of us. The goal is to win those games. Yeah, it may feel a little better to beat Philly in the division. I understand it, but itís more important if youíre beating anybody who youíre playing.

Q: They have a pretty beat up secondary. Do you even know some of the guys back there?
A: To be honest, itís hard to do a scouting report on them right now, because of the amount of injuries that they have. (Eagles CB) Jalen Mills with the foot. (Eagles CB Ronald) Darby with the ACL. Itís a lot going on right now. Thatís kind of more up to the coaches, and what they game plan, and how theyíre going to attack DBs, if theyíre going to attack the DBs, whatever weíre going to do. Just find a way to win. We got a good opportunity here to win, even though we watched the Saints beat the Eagles like that, you canít really ever take this team lightly. This is Philly, and they always play their best against us, I feel like.

Q: How do you prepare for a guy that wasnít even on the roster the last time you both played?
A: I donít care if theyíre on the roster, highest-paid, rookie, 12 years in, Iím going to approach it the same way. Iím out there to beat them on any route I can, block them when I get the chance, and score on them any time I can. Iím out there to win on everything. It doesnít matter who it is out there.

Q: Is there one loss to the Eagles that has stuck with you the most?
A: I think it was my third year when we were 11-5. I think we lost to them right before Week 16 before going to play Washington Week 17, and it took us from having to play in Green Bay, to having to play somewhere else. If we had of won that game, we wouldíve clinched Ė it was something like that. That was probably the one game that, if any of them, that was probably the one I would say.

Q: What about the big kick last year?
A: Made a 63-yard field goal. You canít do nothing but tip your hat to him. As I was standing there, I was watching, I was like, oh yeah itís over. Hoping that it wouldíve fell short and I wouldíve for sure went left, gone back right, went right, gone back left, and try to score. Iíve been there before so we had the opportunity. Like I said, that one doesnít hurt as much because he just made an amazing kick.

Q: Do you think itís, like you said, itís going to change eventually? Theyíve gotten a 63-yarder. Do you think itís kind of time?
A: Itís time. Timeís now. We got six more games, two down, six left so thatís what weíre focusing on.

Q: Whatís better? You guys have been building something for the last couple of weeks, just whether itís confidence or whatever it is. You seem to be doing some things differently since the bye week.
A: Weíve just been putting it together in all three phases. To keep it real, we only won the game by four points and three points. Some of the losses we had were by three points and four points, so itís just finding ways. Like I said, weíve been in these close games before, we know what itís like when itís down to the nitty-gritty. We know what itís like when itís down the nitty-gritty, so we just found a way to pull them up.

Q: A few days ago you were talking about, after the first win, running the table. How difficult is it to not keep your eye on Ė obviously the focus here is the next game, thatís what Patís (Shurmur) constantly preaching. How difficult is it to not look at yesterday and see the result go in a decent way for you given you got Philly coming up on Sunday, a chance to tighten it up even more?
A: Exact words werenít run the table, but it was win eight games in a row and thatís the goal. Regardless, I donít care who beat who yesterday, if we donít handle our business, none of it matters. We need the Cowboys, the Redskins, and the Eagles to lose all their games for the rest of the season and we need to win all of ours for the rest of the season, but at the end of the day, if we donít handle our business, it doesnít matter what anybody else is doing. Our focus is us and beating the Eagles this week.

Q: How are you better than the last time you played them? You played them in what, Week 6. Now youíre five-six weeks later. Whatís different about you guys?
A: Weíre just playing well on all three phases. Weíre not starting drives inside our own 20, Coreyís (Coleman) doing a good job of giving us field position, 40, 50 yards kick returns putting us Ė itís different play calling when youíre there and youíre not backed up. Weíre doing that, weíre running the ball well. The O-Lineís really been a difference. Theyíve just come out and done a phenomenal job the past two weeks in run blocking, protecting for Eli, Eliís making throws and like I said, itís just all three phases. Defense coming up with four turnovers, everybodyís playing at a high level.

Q: Did you watch the Washington-Cowboys game?
A: Yeah, a little bit. I think I fell asleep. The food hit me.

Q: They put a graphic up of the remaining NFC East schedules and they didnít even have the Giants listed with the other three teams.
A: Yeah, I wouldnít want it any other way. Iíve been doubted all my life. Weíre being doubted, but weíre standing strong together and we just keep it pushing. It makes it for a better story when they leave us out of it and then itís like, wait a minute, weíre right back in it, so none of what Iím saying matters, none of what weíre asking matters if we donít go out and win Sunday. Itís all about going out there and winning, so thatís the goal. Thatís what we plan on doing.

Q: Today is the four-year anniversary of the catch. Do you ever reflect back about how much things have changed?
A: I really forgot about it. No, honestly, any time someone comes up, anything happens comes up and you hear the talks and itís funny when people are like, oh itís only this one-hand catch and blah blah. Yet, anytime a catch happens, Iím compared to it, so it was a moment that obviously changed my life forever, for better or worse, whatever you want to call it, it changed my life. Thereís no way that I can ever forget about that moment. I remember the smell of the stadium, I remember it all, so itís a very, very special moment.

Q: Do you like being the standard against what all the great catches are compared against because thatís kind of what it is?
A: Yeah. Itís bittersweet because I think my careerís much more than one catch, but it was just a very iconic moment. It was just a very prolific moment in my career, so I donít mind getting tagged on Instagram seeing a bunch of nice catches. Kind of gives me motivation to do something crazier.

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