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Wednesday Media Transcript: LT Nate Solder

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/28/2018 2:49 pm
LT Nate Solder -- November 28, 2018

Q: On Khalil Mack being in the running for Defensive Player of the Year.
A: Okay so to get on that list you have to have incredible work ethic. You have to be talented, you have to be a guy that makes plays, has a nose for the ball, a guy that has great bend and flexibility and power and strength.

Q: And hes got all of that?
A: Hes got all of that, thats right.

Q: Hes not just a guy that makes plays, he kind of wrecks it. How do you stop him from doing that?
A: Well making big plays and that starts with protecting the quarterback, getting hat on the hat, not letting him get uncovered where he can get a free shot on a back or something like that or a receiver.

Q: You guys are facing good edge rushers. How much is he sort of the next level or just compared to some of the guys you guys have already faced?
A: I never compare anyone. You go out there and you prepare it as best you can for that particular opponent. They all have strength and weaknesses. Hes got strengths up through the roof. Hes incredible and so you do the best you can all week, understanding what theyre all about, how they like to do it and how their defensive coordinator likes to use them and then when it comes to game day you got to play your best.

Q: Star-wise with Mack, what stands out about him? What do you look for the most when coming from the outside?
A: Hes got all the talent and qualities that you would ever ask for in a defensive end, but he plays with a really good team too. Theyre good across the board on their D-Line, theyre good across the board on their linebackers and DBs so its not just him, its the combination of everything that makes it that much more difficult.

Q: What have you guys done better as a unit that makes you feel good going into this game?
A: The preparation starts at the beginning of this week. We push back what happened last week, we go towards doing the best we can for the Bears. What gives us confidence is that we work hard, we understand our opponents as best we can, and we play at a high level.

Q: For a younger player like Chad (Wheeler) whos going to line up against Khalil once in a while, what is especially challenging for someone like that?
A: I think its especially challenging to go against a good pass rusher so I got to focus on myself and what I need to do to play the best I can and Chad does a great job. He works really hard, he studies, he does the things he needs to do and then you have to perform.

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