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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/28/2018 2:57 pm
QB Eli Manning -- November 28, 2018

Q: What problems can (Bears DE) Khalil Mack present to the offense?
A: Mack, he stands out. He does a good job getting sacks, causing fumbles, interceptions – he does it all. They’re sound all over. They play good football, not giving up many big plays. Teams aren’t scoring a ton on them. They’re creating turnovers. They’re playing good football, so we got to do the same. We have to be very sound; we have to be discipline, and try to eliminate them from making big plays.

Q: What makes Khalil Mack’s skillset stand out from the rest of the players at his position?
A: I think he has great technique. He has great effort. He’s an athlete and just has a nose for making plays and being around the ball.

Q: Does he remind you of any former players you’ve faced? In terms of single-handedly disrupting a game by himself.
A: That’s tough, there’s been some good ones over the years. He’s obviously kind of at the top of the list. (Former Cowboys DE) DeMarcus Ware when he was in Dallas, we played him. (Ravens LB Terrell) Suggs and what he’s done in Baltimore. He’s very disruptive and you just got to have a plan to try to keep him from taking over.

Q: Is that defensive front the reason why they have so many interceptions?
A: It’s a big factor. Their defensive backs are good, and they’re in the right spots, and they’re taking advantage of it. They have good ball skills, and they’re making the catches. Usually when you have a good defensive line and you get pressure, the ball has to come out fast, or the ball is coming out high and with hits. Their offense is doing a good job of getting big leads, and scoring early, and kind of making offenses become one-dimensional, and having to throw the ball. That kind of works right in to their advantage. You have to try to keep the game tight, and mix up the run and pass, and don’t get their defensive lineman – they know you’re throwing the ball in those situations.

Q: Is it going to be strange watching (Bears CB) Prince (Amukamara) on the other side?
A: Over the years, you go against former teammates. He’s playing well this year. He’s playing at a high level. We’ll have to take our matchups and take our shots at him when we can.

Q: There’s not a lot of people in this locker room who will remember him.
A: It’s probably not, yeah, probably not a lot of people (laughter). Maybe just a handful of us, especially on the offensive side or receivers. (WR) Odell (Beckham Jr.) is probably the only one. I think Odell would’ve probably gone against him.

Q: They do a good job of limiting first half points. Are they just not letting people get started?
A: Yeah, when you look at them, they’re good against the run, and they do a good job getting sacks and getting turnovers. I think they have a sound defense. It’s nothing exotic or confusing. It’s just good players and good scheme, and they play fast. You just have to stay on pace and stay in rhythm, and avoid those negative plays and don’t let them create those big plays.

Q: They got some linebackers that can really run. What does that do for a defense when you guys are trying to attack them?
A: They do a good job covering a lot of ground. They’re going to get some pass coverage. They can cover tight ends, cover running backs well. They just cover a lot of ground in the run game. They’re not the biggest guys. Try to get our lineman on them, and create some holes.

Q: Does (Bears S) Eddie Jackson gamble a lot to get those interceptions and the returns?
A: No, I don’t think he gambles a lot. I think he has good ball skills. He does a good job of breaking on some things when he sees the opportunity. He’s around the right spot. I haven’t seen every single one, and how it happened. I saw one last week where he was just in man coverage and took a good line at the tight end, and undercut the throw. They’re defense, I think they’re first in the league in interceptions. All their guys are around the ball and making plays.

Q: You’ve cut down on your interceptions this year. What do you attribute that to?
A: I think just being in good positions, trying to make good decisions. Sometimes with interceptions – every one has it’s own story. It could be a bad decision. It could be a missed throw. It could be tipped balls and guys in the wrong spot. Everyone has it’s own story and reason. Just try to eliminate the ones that I can control, and make good decisions.

Q: Is some of that just learning risk-reward over the years?
A: It just depends. Sometimes, it’s just kind of the situations you’re in. Sometimes when you’re down a few scores, sometimes that’s when they come up – when you’re trying to force things. You’re trying to make stuff happen. When there’s not much there. Each one, again, kind of has it’s own reason, it’s own story.

Q: It was a year ago today the Giants announced that you weren’t going to start against the Raiders. Do you reflect on what’s happened over the this year?
A: No, not now.
I admire this Bears team, they're old school.  
mittenedman : 11/28/2018 3:12 pm : link
Mack - Trevathan - Roquan Smith - Leonard Floyd

Typical Vic Fangio D with 4 good linebackers across the board. Old school 34.
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