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Wednesday Media Transcript: CB B.W. Webb

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/28/2018 3:04 pm
CB B.W. Webb -- November 28, 2018

Q: What did you think of the job (Bears Backup QB) Chase Daniel did?
A: He did a good job at it. Stepping up after (Bears QB Mitch) Trubisky got hurt. Just stepping in, it was no fall-off or anything. Heís definitely capable of that.

Q: Is there a difference heís [Daniel] not much of a runner than the other guys?
A: Yeah, Trubisky runs a little more than he does. A little more mobile, but he still has the ability to get around with his legs. Thatís something we have to stay aware of.

Q: How do you rebound this week?
A: Itís easy. People outside might think itís hard, but everybody in here, weíre playing for families. People are playing for each other. People are playing for an opportunity to come back and play here next year, or another team wherever it is. People might think thatís hard, even though we might be out the picture, but itís easy. Itís what you signed up to do. Weíre playing for each other. Itís no drop-off on that.

Q: Who are you guys preparing for? Do you expect Trubisky or Daniel?
A: Weíre preparing for both of them. Weíre not really sure whatís going to happen, but weíll be prepared for both of them when it comes to the game.

Q: What kind of weapons do they have, regardless of who starts at quarterback?
A: Both of them can make plays with their legs Ė running around, scramble. So, thatís something we have to stay aware of. That might mean we have to stick on our guys a little longer, and thatís just something we have to do.

Q: The second-half last week, what did you think some of the mistakes were? Why did the defense struggle?
A: Itís tough, they really just made more plays than we did. Thatís what it came down to. In those situations, we have to make those plays, get a stop, and get the ball back to our offense.

Q: When you go up against a team that doesnít make a lot of mistakes, do you have to approach the game a certain way?
A: We just have to find ways to get them to mess up, whether thatís making plays in the pass game, interceptions, taking the ball away, strip the ball. Anything we can do to try to get the ball back in the offensesí hands.

Q: With the two quarterbacks, how different are they in terms of looking for those takeaways and making interceptions?
A: When it comes down to it, they do a lot of the same things. Both of them, like I said, can make plays with their legs. Both of them have great arms. We just have to play to what we do the best.
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