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Thursday Media Transcript: ST Coordinator Thomas McGaughey

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/29/2018 2:20 pm
Special Teams Coordinator Thomas McGaughey -- November 29, 2018

Q: Another week, another change at punt returner?
A: Welcome to our world. It is what it is. You just Ė like I told you guys before, itís just one of those deals, youíre just always ready to expect the unexpected and just roll with it. Good thing we got options, so nothing to sweat about it. Just go out there and play.

Q: I know Pat (Shurmur) was kind of lamenting not getting a chance at the field goal at the end of the game. 63 yards, is that in Aldrickís (Rosas) range?
A: Oh, absolutely, absolutely. I coached Graham Gano and Aldrickís leg is every bit as strong as Grahamís, if not stronger. Thatís definitely in his wheel house.

Q: One thing that I thought was interesting was we asked Aldrick if in pregame he tests his range and he said, not really, wherever Zak (DeOssie) puts the ball is where he kicks it from. Heís not trying to max it out in the pregame?
A: No. For him, and heís different than a lot of kickers because his leg is so strong, we try and temper him down and just make good contact, be smooth. Heís strong. This kid can hit it from Ė just this is my personal opinion, Iíve seen him hit it from 65 and barely miss it from 68 and just a nice, smooth, easy swing. Heís a talented kid, has a really strong leg. His upside is tremendous.

Q: Is that different in terms of the warmup process of a lot of kickers. Do others go out and say okay Iím going to be good from here today and this is my range?
A: Yeah, a lot of them do. A lot of older, veteran guys will do that. Thank God, Aldrick is just himself. He knows himself and thatís a good thing about him. He knows that, Ďokay, just put the ball down wherever they snap it. Iím going to kick ití and he knows weíll keep him in his range, so wherever the ball is put down, heís going to hit it.

Q: You say his mindset is kind of unique because it seems like a lot of kickers are very particular? He kind of seems like, Pat Shurmur called him a football player, just kind of seems a little more carefree than a lot of kickers.
A: Yeah, heís different, heís definitely different. Iíve had guys kick in the league for 25 years and Iíve had rookies. Heís different and I like the way he thinks. I like his mindset and put the ball down, I donít care what hash itís on, Iíll just kick it.

Q: Do you watch the other team in warmups and say, Ďokay, this guy he can make it from 58í?
A: Absolutely. Thatís something that we communicate to the defense, like whatís the yard-line and all that good stuff. We definitely keep an eye on that.

Q: The Carolina game did you say Ė
A: Graham Ė yeah we talked about it.

Q: Going back to the punt returner thing, how much easier is it to plug a new guy in there now that the unit seems to have stabilized a little bit more?
A: Itís still not easy. At anything Ė at the quarterback position, at the left tackle position, at left corner, middle linebacker, you want some continuity. Itís the same thing for the punt returner because when you get different guys back there, itís different. Guys got to kind of re-adjust to whoís back there and what their strengths, what their weaknesses are, so itís just a little different, but you just make the adjustment and keep on.

Q: Do you have to change up what you do as far as blocking schemes and all that stuff?
A: For the most part, we keep it the same. I might call one return more than the other, but for the most part, we keep it the same just depending on whoís back there.

Q: Kind of come full circle now. Guys who have kind of lost the job are coming back now.
A: You stay in this league long enough, that happens. When guys get nicked up you get opportunities and itís up to the guy that gets the opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity. Thatís what it is, you just got to take advantage of the opportunities you get and hopefully itíll work out for the best.
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