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Thursday Media Transcript: WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/29/2018 4:10 pm
WR Odell Beckham Jr. -- November 29, 2018

Q: The past couple weeks, the offense has averaged close to 30 points per game. Does that give you all a renewed optimism about the rest of this season?
A: I think we just started to put it all together. Unfortunately, it was during the time that it was. It was a little later in the season, but we all put it together now. Thereís definitely something there. We just got to continue to grow it and develop it.

Q: Is it a little taste of what you and (QB) Eli (Manning) are capable of?
A: I donít really know. Just like I said, weíve been putting it together lately, besides the last game. Thatís definitely something to look forward to.

Q: Did you have to talk to Eli at all about the second half of the last game?
A: Weíre all on to Chicago. Any questions about anything yesterday, or two weeks ago, or a year ago Ė Iím here to talk about Chicago.

Q: When facing a great player like (Bears DE) Khalil Mack, what can you do to help Eli in the passing game?
A: Just try and make plays. I felt like I was so prepared this year. Not to say I feel like Iím having a bad year, I just donít feel like Iíve done as much as I can. Just the little things. Working on the little things. Get open fast. Heís as advertised, heís worth every penny, heís a force. Run, pass, while heís sitting on the bench Ė heís a problem, wherever heís at.

Q: Do you feel like itís not quite the year you wanted to have?
A: Yeah, I donít feel like itís quite there. Each year I come in, 1,000 yards is a minimum. I donít look at it like, oh, I need to get 1,000 yards. My season starts after 1,000 yards. Trying to see how many yards I can get after 1,000. Ten touchdowns minimum. Thatís just the goal. For me, this year I came in with a mindset of being efficient. When I was in college and making plays. Itís third and 11 Ė being able to hit this first down, keep this drive alive. Just being effective and efficient. Like I said, itís not like a down year. My numbers are still my numbers. I guess thatís where my mindset is different than everybody else. I expect way higher of myself. Iím trying to reach 2,000 yards. Iím trying to go for 20 touchdowns, 100 receptions is tatted on me. Those are goals that hopefully in my career, in my future along with championships, winning, because numbers really donít mean anything without winning. You can go home with 300 yards in a game with an L (loss). Itís not going to feel good. So, itís really all about winning, and I just feel like I couldíve had a better year so far, but this is where Iím at. I just got to deal with that and just pushing to keep getting better day-by-day, working your craft. Thatís all I can really do.

Q: Is it fun to go against a former teammate in a game? (Bears CB Prince Amukamara)
A: I havenít really got a chance to go against any former teammates, but I love Prince. Prince was like a brother when he was here. I honestly can say I love Prince. Thatís like my guy. I have to try to stay focused while Iím in the game with him lined up across from me. Heís always been a good corner, but itís just Prince. I donít know how else to explain it. Itís Prince, and heís there, and heís just a goofy guy. Iím going to have to snap that early in the game, and just be able to compete against him, and I know heís excited as well. So, it should be fun.

Q: Has he talked trash to you? (Amukamara)
A: No, Iím sure he will when we get out there Sunday. I donít know how to explain it. Itís just like Iíve been in this locker room with him. Like I said, heís like a brother to me. Iím going to have to take all the joking aside when we get out there, and just go out and play.

Q: His goofiness is actually an advantage for him on Sunday?
A: I guess so (laughter). I guess it is. Itís a tactic. Iím just going to have to just rid that early in the game, and just be able to compete and have fun.

Q: Whatís your thoughts on the amount of interceptions theyíve been able to accumulate?
A: Theyíre 8-3, theyíre playing at a high level. They got one of the best defenses in the NFL, in the world. Heís a problem. You got (Bears S Eddie Jackson) EJ back there on the back-end. You got (Bears CB Kyle) Fuller, you got Prince, their linebackers are good. (Bears DE Leonard) Floyd is over there. Theyíve got a team, theyíve got a squad. Their offense is playing at a high level. They got some guys making plays. Itís not easy. Also, they only punt the ball only 2-3 times a game. Theyíre playing at a very, very high level. I think in the division, theyíre obviously first, but on that side, theyíre first. Itís definitely not going to be easy.

Q: Do you have some plays to get open early?
A: To be honest, when youíre playing receiver, the race isnít between you and the DB. Itís always between you and the D-linemen, and once I can learn and understand that, it helped me conceptualize more what was really going on. If heís getting up the field, you donít have to cut the route shorter, but you do need to be sharper, and you do need to be there on time. If not, getting open just a hair second earlier, but making sure youíre at where youíre supposed to be at. We got a tough task on our hand. We got to deal with 52 and the rest of those guys.

Q: Whatís the mindset now for the rest of the season?
A: Keep winning games, thatís it. You never know what can happen. I wanted to win all eight. Thatís not what happened, but thereís no giving up. Thereís no quit, not from me or anybody in here. We just got to win these last whatever games, and see what happens.

Q: What do you cling to for hope that this organization can turn things around?
A: This is a winning organization. Theyíve won in the past. We just got to trust the process, and at some point in time, the goal is to obviously hang a banner, and raise that trophy. All you can do is be optimistic and keep pushing forward and getting better.
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