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Post-Game Transcript: Safety Landon Collins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/2/2018 6:37 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Bears) Transcripts: Safety Landon Collins -- December 2, 2018

Q: Is it difficult to play at your high level when you are battling through something?
A: Sometimes, yea. It depends on what the injury is. A shoulder injury calls for tackling. So itís more of tackling and getting guys down, trying to push through and run. Last year I had an ankle injury, so itís more of not twisting it or planting the wrong way. It has its ups and downs. It depends on how you feel during the game or after.

Q: Whatís your emotion after a game like this, is it relief, is it joy?

A: Itís joy we won. It was a great team win, we played good enough to take home the W.

Q: What do you think of Odellís throw?

A: Weíve seen plenty of it. We know Odell could throw for almost 80 yards on the run. Him just stepping into it, we already knew it was going to be deep, we just didnít know who it was going to. We saw him throw and said somebody has to be open for him to throw it, we were happy it worked.

Q: The penalty on B.W. Webb, your thoughts?

A: I think the ball was too high honestly. The refs make their calls, but I think it was a bad call. They have to ref the game and use their discretion. Thereís not much we can do to fight against it. We both have a right to the ball and that ball was over his head, but if they still want to keep the flag on the field, it stays on field.

Q: They ran the ďPhilly SpecialĒ type play the very next play, probably something you guys werenít expecting that close to the end zone?

A: Not that close down on the goal line, no. I tipped it and it still got through.

Q: Have you ever seen two non-quarterbacks throw a passing touchdown in the same game?

A: Iíve never seen something like that. Itís the NFL, you have to expect the unexpected.

Q: How much did Ogletree get you guys off and running on that play?

A: O is playing awesome, he is doing a great job leading this group, being the great linebacker that he is.

Q: How tough is Tarik Cohen?

A: Heís good, heís got great speed. He can get you around the corner, he can get you with that speed.

Q: Is that a tough matchup for anybody?

A: I think anybody. Most of the time he has a two-way go unless you are doubling the guy. Thatís what we did the last two series, kind of take those wheel routes away from him so he couldnít get around the corner like he was all game. Heís a great athlete, a great guy and it was phenomenal what he did.

Q: Coach Shurmur was talking about toughness and resiliency, this game wasnít pretty at times, but are those some things you guys can take away from this game?

A: Yea, we donít give up. Even though our record is what it is, these guys donít give up and I love that about us.

Q: You guys talked about finishing games, Iím sure you are mad that you guys let some plays get behind you at the end, but then you actually did finish the game in overtime. Talk about both those things?

A: We harp on finishing the game. When we are supposed to finish the game, you just get off the field and do things the way they are supposed to be done. We got a second chance and made it count.
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