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NFT: NBA thread: As the Fultz turns...

SFGFNCGiantsFan : 12/4/2018 8:40 pm
The whole Markelle Fultz saga in Philly is one of the weirder things in sports that I can remember. He's now apparently out 3-6 weeks with thoracic outlet syndrome. It's amazing that this kid was the #1 overall pick only 18 months ago. Just a weird, weird story.
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Complete and utter bust.  
FStubbs : 12/4/2018 9:20 pm : link
Time for the 76ers to move on.

In fact Fultz might be a contender for one of the worst busts in any sport. He deserves to be in the same sentence as Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell, Kwame Brown, etc.
Took him 10 turns to find a specialist  
tbonfig : 12/4/2018 9:37 pm : link
for that diagnosis!
I have seen some flashes,  
Jim in Scranton : 12/4/2018 9:38 pm : link
but there is something definitely not right. I think he is being used and pushed around by people with their own agenda. Pretty sad and time for the Sixers to move on.
hope for his sake that  
bluepepper : 12/4/2018 10:54 pm : link
this is the problem and he gets straightened out but yeah sure sounds like they shopped around until they found a Dr who gave them the diagnosis they were looking for. Of course if his problems are mental then maybe there will be a placebo effect.
Agree that 76ers need to move on  
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 12/5/2018 9:43 am : link
from him. A clean start somewhere else.
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