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NFT: Hot wings + Charlize Theron = ?

Beezer : 12/5/2018 11:47 am
Yeah, couldn't love her any more.

"Hot Ones" with Sean Evans. A mindless watch, but yes, I enjoy it. This episode with Charlize ... anyhow, enjoy.
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Love that show  
DanBenton : 12/5/2018 1:18 pm : link
This was a great episode, but to Evans' credit, he really does conduct remarkable interviews and is incredibly knowledgeable about every guest he has on the show.
You can tell  
Beezer : 12/5/2018 1:51 pm : link
he does good research.

And that he has a very high tolerance for pain.
Agree with you guys.  
robbieballs2003 : 12/5/2018 5:44 pm : link
I remember watching this series or whatever you'd call it when it first started. I thought it was cool and interesting but the number one thing I took away was how good of an interviewer he is.
And then ...  
Beezer : 12/10/2018 12:21 pm : link
Natalie Portman.
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