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What will Washington do to try and win this game?

I Love Clams Casino : 12/6/2018 3:19 pm
They have AP, but they are missing a huge piece of their O line. You can't have Sanchez airing it out the entire game.

Aside from a few trick plays, what do they have up their sleeve?
A big dose of Jordan Reed  
Boatie Warrant : 12/6/2018 3:22 pm : link
and Vernon Davis if they are smart considering our history against TE's
hopefully for them run enough on 1st/2nd down to make a  
Joey from GlenCove : 12/6/2018 3:22 pm : link
3rd down 3/4 yards
we will do our best at keeping them  
Tom from LI : 12/6/2018 3:28 pm : link
in the game.
They will try and shorten the game  
Peter from NH (formerly CT) : 12/6/2018 3:41 pm : link
and allow the defense to win it. Unlikely they can win a shootout. Expect them to run and try and control the game and take time off the clock.
If Chris Thompson plays  
dep026 : 12/6/2018 3:42 pm : link
He will be a main factor.
What others said  
WillVAB : 12/6/2018 3:50 pm : link
Heavy dose of AP and Thompson out of the backfield. Jordan Reed. Maybe a few shots deep to keep the D honest.

Defensively they’ll prob blitz a lot. Try to minimize Saquon and put the Giants in a lot of 3rd and longs.
Fake punt will happen  
Tuckrule : 12/6/2018 4:28 pm : link
I hope we are ready for it
Washington should throw deep middle  
BigBlueinChicago : 12/6/2018 4:51 pm : link
as much as they can.

Giants have Riley and whomever is replacing Collins back there.

If you play cash games in fantasy, buy in all of the Washington tight ends.
I would also expect Gruden to have a trick play or two  
DavidinBMNY : 12/6/2018 4:51 pm : link
Ready to go.
Sanchez is an obvious issue for the Skins  
ChicagoMarty : 12/6/2018 6:32 pm : link
But they are down to their third string OLG and second string ORG which is going to make screen plays and misdirection plays a challenge for the OL

Running plays are going to have to be basic along with pass plays just due to inexperience.

The guy I fear is Chris Thompson. We couldn't cover Da Bears scatback with a healthy Collins.

Who is going to cover Thompson out of the backfield now?
We have to hope  
mrvax : 12/6/2018 6:45 pm : link
that OV has recovered enough to be effective and have a breakout game.
I'm interested in seeing...  
Dan in the Springs : 12/6/2018 6:48 pm : link
how we cover the TE's and RB's in the passing game this week too. Definitely a big part of the story because we all don't expect much from the downfield passing game.

I expect a lot of single-high coverage with at least 5 DB's. Lots of coverage near the LOS mix of man and zone. I'm interested about the LBers though - Collins has mostly been playing in the box like an additional LBer and Eligwe got a fair number of snaps last week, Tae Davis is better in coverage than against the run imo. With Collins out Thomas becomes the starting SS, and while he's been used a lot in coverage I'm not sure Bettcher will want him up as the 7th man in the box like Collins was, so I'll be watching closely to see if we go to something like a 2-5-4 personnel package or stick with the 2-6-5 stuff we were seeing with Collins.

For sure, we need to stop the run, protect Eli and open holes in the running game.

Most of all key to this game is protect the football because we can't afford to give WAS any easy scores. This is a game we can and should win, imo, but these division games are never easy. Last time we did a good job defensively for the most part, but the offense couldn't really get anything going until late in the game. We just kept shooting ourselves in the foot. This was a 13-6 game until AP broke one late, and then our final TD came against a prevent defense with the clock running down. It wasn't as close as it should be because we couldn't score points early.

A lot of words to say that I think the key to winning this game is to score points early on offense, protect the ball, and make WAS play from behind.

Banks : 12/6/2018 6:50 pm : link
their only chance is their front 7. They can put pressure on the qbs and we got a heavy dose of that in the first game. They can bottle up Barkley and put the game on Manning and the line. We'll see how improved the Oline really is this game
RE: A big dose of Jordan Reed  
CGiants07 : 12/6/2018 6:51 pm : link
In comment 14207740 Boatie Warrant said:
and Vernon Davis if they are smart considering our history against TE's

landon wont be covering either so we have a chance
Thompson did nothing  
5BowlsSoon : 12/6/2018 7:33 pm : link
Monday night. So why fear him?
The Giants will win this game by 2 TDs...  
bw in dc : 12/6/2018 8:26 pm : link
And that margin will be less about our competency and more about the Skins’ incompetency, most notably Mark Sanchez’s.

If we lose this game it will be the low point of the year - by miles.

The Skins can’t win. We can only lose.
RE: We have to hope  
gmenatlarge : 12/6/2018 9:18 pm : link
In comment 14207886 mrvax said:
that OV has recovered enough to be effective and have a breakout game.

Recovered from what, being invisible?
run the ball  
Paulie Walnuts : 12/7/2018 12:14 pm : link
and use the TE's
Score more points  
jeff57 : 12/7/2018 12:48 pm : link
Get ahead early, that will force Sanchez to have to throw. If the  
SterlingArcher : 12/7/2018 2:43 pm : link
Giants allow Sanchez to just turn around and hand off they will surely lose.
Giants should winthe  
joeinpa : 12/7/2018 3:13 pm : link
If not will burst the little bubble they have established since the bye.

Washington is decimated team, Giants supposedly on up swing. Giants win in dominating fashion.
Giants will win in there first blow-out W  
Defense56 : 12/7/2018 3:44 pm : link
of the season. Washington may get close in the third and pull it within a score or two, but then the Giants put the pedal to the metal and finish them off in the 4th. Will be the most relaxed win of the season.
Similar thoughts to above  
Jimmy Googs : 12/8/2018 8:01 am : link
heavy dose of AP, screens and throws to Tight Ends. Expose our linebackers and Safeties in edge run support and pass coverage. Smother OBJ and make someone else produce.

Didn't their Defensive Line get to Eli numerous times in first game? Kerrigan always like seeing #13 each year to pad his stats...

Their defense  
Joey in VA : 12/8/2018 8:05 am : link
Can bottle us up easily enough to make it a two score per team affair. All they need to do is be patient, work the A gaps and run and pop a few down the middle and use Thompson out of the backfield. We are a 4-8 team talking like the 85 Bears, unreal.
With Odell out, all the have to do is stop Saquon Barkley.  
BlueLou'sBack : 12/9/2018 1:25 am : link
PS has to figure out how to get Barkeley some wiggle room.
Eli with no OBJ and Mark Sanchez starting  
Jimmy Googs : 12/9/2018 8:22 am : link
I foresee a lot of punts...
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